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iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max Heating Problem (Solved)

Using an Apple iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max for a few hours is quite common. Some people use it even longer than that without any problems, but if you do it and you notice it starts to overheat, you shouldn’t ignore it. Assuming you didn’t let the phone in the sun for a long time and you haven’t been playing continuously on it, we have some suggestions for you to fix heating problem on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max!


To try and fix the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max overheating problems on your own…

You will have to take a couple of options into account. We are thinking, from our experience and what our readers experienced so far, that it can be:

  1. A faulty third-party app that is making the Apple device to get too hot;
  2. A problem with the cache memory of the smartphone, that is no longer working as it should;
  3. Or a more general problem with the operating system, that would require a reset.


To deal with a malfunctioning third-party app, boot into Safe Mode first: you simultaneously hold down the Home and the Power keys until the screen goes black; after that, you only hold the Power key, until the Apple logo appears, after which you must hold the Volume Up key until you see the springboard loading. In Safe Mode, if the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max no longer overheats, you can be sure that an app is causing all those problems. You can uninstall the most recently added apps one by one or do a factory reset to get rid of everything.

To deal with the cache issue, we already have a detailed resource for you on how to clear the cache on iPhone. The main steps include accessing the Storage & iCloud Usage, from under General, Settings, and tapping the Manage Storage option. From there, go to Documents & Data where you can slide left and tap Delete on each item whose cache you want to erase. In the end, use the Edit and Delete All options to remove all the data.


When none of the above worked or you’re just suspecting a more general problem, consider the factory reset that we have already mentioned. Your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max will require a backup before this reset, in case there are important files that you want to be able to restore afterward. It’s not very difficult, yet it is something you must take care of in order to solve the heating problem.

But before you take your device to an Apple technician and spend lots of money to fix the problem, there’s one more solution that you can try. There’s a good probability that your iPhone battery has died and that charger isn’t working correctly to charge the phone. It’s suggested to purchase a new iPhone charger here and see if this solves your problem.

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