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iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max Problems With Touch Screen (Solved)

Reduced screen responsiveness is something expected on various smartphones with touch screen controls. But your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max is too new to manifest problems with the touch screen so recently. Unless it wasn’t damaged during the shipping or you aren’t having problems with specific software, you shouldn’t find it difficult to use the screen.

And still, some iPhone users have been complaining lately that the display is responding slowly or not at all in certain areas, usually towards its bottom. You could try to use just the top of the display until you’ll be having problems in there as well, or you can try our suggestions from below:


Factory reset your iPhone

Considering that your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max is still functional, you can tackle the touch screen problems with a factory reset performed from the menus. Go to Settings, General and use the Reset option in there. Before the process starts, you will have to type your Apple ID and password, but, other than that, it will all go automatically. Back to the welcome screen with a newly reset iPhone, you can swipe to unlock and see how the display acts.


Wipe the cache of your iPhone

If you go to Settings, under the General tab you will get to the Storage & iCloud Usage options. Within the Manage Storage entry listed in there, you’ll access the extended list of Documents and Data. Whether you want to use the Delete All option accessible through the Edit button or you want to manually handle all the data in there, you can do it. For manual handling, slide to the left on top of each item and then press the Delete button.


Perform a hard reset on the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max

This is not a new strategy and you’ve certainly encountered it in other tutorials. So, you must know by now that backing up your data is essential if you don’t want to lose it. This reset will permanently delete your apps, your data, your settings and everything else you had on the iPhone. But with a backup in place, you can always restore it after you have fixed the touch screen problems. In case you need help on how to hard reset the iPhone

  1. Press the Sleep/Wake button and, at the same time, the Home button – hold them together for 10 seconds, at least;
  2. After approximately 10 seconds, you will notice something unusual, after which the phone will restart;
  3. As you return to the Home screen, go on and test the display to see if and how it works.


Take out the SIM card for a while

You’ve tested a lot of things and this suggestion, especially as it comes after the hard reset that didn’t work for youriPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xs problems with the touch screen, seems peculiar, to say the least. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, the point is that we have quite a few readers who swear by this method. Apparently, if you remove the SIM and put it back after a while, the problem is mysteriously solved. It doesn’t cost you a thing to try it and it’s the only thing you can try other than taking your iPhone to an authorized service. We say you do it!

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