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iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr Freezing (Solution)

Freezing problems can get you stuck you on the idea that there’s something irreparable about the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr. But we are here, making you an introduction on how to troubleshoot this problem when it manifests independently from any particular app. So, there must be something reparable about it. You’re not allowed to think otherwise before you have read and put into practice our solutions from below about freezing iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr.


iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr Freezing (Solution)

1) It could be some kind of software problem. What do you do when you cannot really explain what’s going on but you hope it’s just a software problem? You run a software update because, most of the time, updates come with new fixes and you might be lucky. If the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr is still freezing and, inevitably crashing, don’t give up.

2) Delete the apps that could destabilize the iPhone. So, it’s not freezing on one app alone, but maybe it’s two or three of them that seem to be at the core of this crashing pattern? You can check the App Store at the reviews section and find out if other Apple users are going through the same issues like you do, with the same apps. The discussions in there will help you anticipate if there’s any chance for that developer to come up with a fix soon. If it isn’t, uninstall those apps and look for the results.


3) Delete the apps’ data. This one is an option when you couldn’t find any complaints about that app or you did but you’re not quite ready to ditch it. The Storage & iCloud Usage menu from the General tab of the Settings app is already waiting for you. Go in there, select Manage Storage and Documents & Data, find the items you wish to delete and swipe to left on each of them, choosing the Delete option. The faster and more general approach is to tap the Edit button and Delete All data.


4) Bring some extra memory to the table. The app doesn’t seem to have any reasons to freeze and crash on iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr? Assuming there’s nothing wrong with it or with your smartphone, it is worth suspecting that it simply needs more resources. Those resources often come down to the internal memory, so, eliminate whatever media file is unnecessary and free up as much memory as you can. Any luck?

5) If you’ve tried it all without success, try a factory reset. We will let you know how to factory reset an iPhone, you back up your data first and then read our article with attention. Do that and, as you reconfigure the device and restore a previous backup, pay attention to how the device moves. The changes should be for the better.

6) If none of the options above work, consider taking the phone to get fixedBut before you take your device to an Apple technician and spend lots of money to fix the problem, there’s one more solution that you can try. There’s a good probability that your iPhone battery has died and that charger isn’t working correctly to charge the phone. 

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