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iPhone Xs/iPhone Xs Max Keeps Restarting Itself: Get Help Fixing All Problems

The experience of working with an iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max that keeps restarting itself is very disturbing. The more chaotic this manifestation is, the more stressed you become. Of course, having an iPhone that restarts after a certain pattern isn’t more comforting either – it’s still abnormal and it needs to be fixed. But still, when you see it turning off and then back on without any warning… When you can’t seem to tell which app is causing the restart… When today the┬áiPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max restarts several times in a row and then it works just fine for a few other days only to start all over again when you expect less…


There can be all kinds of problems, more or less obvious. Sometimes, the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max may start this restarting cycle even because of a faulty battery! When, just like we have mentioned above, you cannot see a pattern to pinpoint a cause, it seems easier to simply find a reliable Apple technician and have him look at your phone. The evaluation might require keeping the device at the store for a few days, perhaps even more than a week, to notice and monitor its behavior. So, this solution may not be the fastest, but it can be the most reliable one. If you still have the warranty, we really don’t see any reasons why you shouldn’t be able to take advantage of it.

Now, if the warranty is no longer available or you just don’t have the patience to go with the Apple Support, you must be wondering if there aren’t any alternatives left… You know us, we wouldn’t be here if there weren’t, so, here’s what we would suggest you to look for!


Any recent iOS operating system updates? It can make the iPhone 8 to keep restarting!

You obviously don’t get a new firmware version every other day, so, we can only assume that you know when you’ve had the last one. If it was recently or if you can establish any connection between that firmware update and the moment your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max started to restart randomly, you know the cause. The solution that you probably don’t know, however, is the factory reset. Back up your most important data – because the reset will delete the entire content of your iPhone and then take the exact steps listed in this set of instructions on how to factory reset an iPhone. When it all gets back to normal, restore the backup and test the device to see if the problem was solved.


Any recent third-party app installed? That one can also make the iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xs keep restarting!

With third-party apps is even easier. You know what you did and you can even check the App Store to see if other users are complaining about similar problems because of the same app. If they do, you can get rid of it right away. If you don’t want to do so just yet, consider clearing its data and cash. Before you take any decision, however, we recommend you another test – boot into Safe Mode.

If the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max acts the same even in the Safe Mode, the news is bad – it’s not a third-party app because those apps don’t get to run in this booting sequence! Nevertheless, if your iPhone no longer restarts in the Safe Mode, you have an extra confirmation that the cause is a nasty rogue app – you tell us which app it is!


For this final test, tap and hold the Power and the Home buttons. When the screen turns black, take off your finger from the Home button. Continue to hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo and switch to holding the Volume Up button afterward. You can release that one once the springboard loads and just use the iPhone as usual, to see if it keeps restarting or not.

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