LED Notification On iPhone X Guide

Time has come that Apple has finally released the new iPhone and people are in love with it. One things that some want to know how to use is the LED notification on iPhone X. The great thing about the iPhone X LED notification is that you can use this great feature for several different things.

Things includes using it as a flash light when you need a light source. You can also use it for flash when taking a picture. Also there’s an option that you can have it be set to blink when you have a notification on your phone.

Even though the LED notification on iPhone X is a great alert tool, not everyone likes it and can be an issue if you’re in a meeting, class or somewhere that you don’t want attention drawn to you. In this case, we’ll be explains how you can turn off LED notification. Later if you want, you can follow the steps below to go back and turn on LED alerts for iPhone X back up.


How to turn off LED notifications on iPhone X:

  1. Power on your iPhone X
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Select on General
  4. Choose Accessibility
  5. Browse for the option that says LED Flash for Alerts
  6. Switch that toggle to OFF


Later if you want you can go back and change the toggle back to ON for LED notification in iPhone X. Once you’ve followed the steps above, you should know how to turn on and off LED alerts on iPhone X without any issues.



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