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Locked Out Of iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max (Solution)

Whether it’s your first experience of this kind or you’ve been through this before, it won’t take long before you to know that there are options for when you’re locked out of iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max. If the hard factory reset is not what you want to hear because you want to do everything possible to save your information, we might be of service.

In this tutorial, we are going to suggest you how to use the iTunes and the iCloud services. Both of them are useful instruments for the Apple users out there who frequently back things up. If you too have used one of them at least once, then you have the right to hope for the better. Even if you will end up with our third suggestion, you shouldn’t consider everything lost.


Ever synced the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max with iTunes? Erase your device this way:

  1. Connect the phone to a computer;
  2. Open iTunes;
  3. Follow the prompts and enter your passcode if required;
  4. Wait until iTunes will sync the phone;
  5. Let the iTunes back things up;
  6. Then, tap on Restore [device name];
  7. You should soon enough see a Set Up Screen;
  8. In there, select the option labeled as Restore from iTunes backup;
  9. Select your iPhone, so that the iTunes will know exactly what to restore;
  10. Select the most recent available backup and let it be restored.


Ever synced the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max with iCloud? Erase your device this way, if it’s connected to Wi-Fi or Cellular!

  1. Use an internet connected device to access the web page of com/find;
  2. Sign in with the Apple ID, if you must;
  3. Select All Devices and next, select your device, the one you wish to erase;
  4. Tap on Erase [device name], which should result in erasing the device together with its passcode;
  5. Next, decide what option you want to use;
    • Restore from a backup
    • Set up as new
  6. Confirm and let the iCloud handle everything else.


For the final option, erase the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max from the Recovery Mode

As we have explained to you in the beginning of this article, when neither the iCloud nor the iTunes can help you in this situation, the only thing left is to boot into Recovery Mode. Of course, the iTunes will play its role in here as well, but not exactly as you were expecting…

  1. Begin with the standard cable connection – hook up the smartphone to any computer and simply launch the iTunes;
  2. Then, follow the standard procedure to force restart the phone:
    • Long press for at least 10 seconds the Sleep/Wake and the Home buttons;
    • Keep holding even after the Apple logo is displayed, up until the Recovery Mode screen will start loading;
  3. Then, let the iTunes operate on one of the two options available in there – Restore and Update.


We recommend the latter, as it will only involve an update of the operating system. What iTunes does is to reinstall the iOS while letting your personal data untouched.


If, for whatever reasons, you will decide that you want or you need to factory reset your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, it is best if you focus on the backup as well. This is the only way you make sure you’re not losing any information or files. And if you feel you could use some extra assistance, go read this step-by-step article on the topic of iPhone factory reset.

All these being said, we wish you best of luck to getting back the access on your iPhone. Hopefully, you won’t need the hard reset!

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