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Make Internet Speed Faster On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max (Solution)

You say that you need a faster internet connection on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max? Of course, before you can speed things up, you must know the causes so you can work right down the root of the problem. So, how does this problem manifest?

Most likely, you’ve noticed that particular apps are making you a hard time. Usually, it’s those that would have to load a large amount of data – Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, just to name a few.

It doesn’t take much science to notice that the iPhone needs longer than usual to load your feed of data. Or that you get to see broken images or gray icons where you know you were supposed to see an actual picture. That’s why we aren’t going to insist too much in this direction.

If you really are to make the internet speed work faster on an iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, let us start with some reasonable solutions to make iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Internet speed faster.


A list of the most common reasons for your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max low internet speed:

  1. You’re using a Wi-Fi network with poor signal;
  2. Your device has problems with receiving that signal from the network;
  3. Or maybe you’re trying to access a website that, for some reasons, is currently under heavy traffic – can you wait until there will be fewer users accessing the website?
  4. The same, it could be that the network is congested by too many people connected to it – this works especially when you’re in crowded public places where everyone is trying to use the Wi-Fi;
  5. Also, you could be having some apps running in the background and consuming from your internet bandwidth;
  6. Perhaps the device is running out of memory;
  7. The Internet app may have its cache corrupted or just full;
  8. Just the same, the internet app might need an update to a newer software version;
  9. The current firmware version might need an update;
  10. And how about your data speed limit, have you exceeded that one?


As you can see, you have a whole bunch of different reasons why the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max might have a slow internet. And even though each of them might require a simpler or a more complicated solution… they are all obvious. Now, if you’ve taken everything that we just mentioned above into account and did the obvious, without success… Then, we have some advanced solutions to suggest you.


Take a look at the Wi-Fi-Assist option – what’s its status?

The Wi-Fi-Assist would normally interfere and change your connection from a weak Wi-Fi signal to mobile data, in any way that it sees fit. This may or may not be the cause – but if you think of it, as long as the iPhone is constantly switching from one connection type to another, it would make sense for you to experience lags with loading the internet pages.

Long story short, you’ll have to turn off the Wi-Fi Assist from iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Select the Cellular option;
  3. Browse through all the options in there until you find and select the Wi-Fi Assist;
  4. Change its toggle to Off.


Now that you did that, you should no longer have surprises where you’re getting kicked out from the Wi-Fi connection by your iPhone. You’ll be the only one in control.


Clear the iPhone cache memory

Improving the internet speed with the method presented above is known to work in many instances. But if it doesn’t, you can try to clear the cache memory of your entire device. What you are about to do is actually known, in technical terms, a wipe cache partition. And it cannot be performed from the normal mode, you’ll have to boot the iPhone into Recovery Mode.


Now, we know you usually get scared when you hear about the Recovery Mode, but this is not one of those hard-reset things that delete everything. When you wipe the cache, your data is safe so just read this guide to learn more on how to clear the cache memory of iPhone.

If you just can’t seem to get to the bottom of this problem, you know the drill. We always recommend our readers to get technical support when a situation overwhelms them. And here’s the thing – if you can’t fix the slow internet speed on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, you’ll get to this point, eventually!

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