No Show Caller ID On iPhone X/iPhone 10

As frustrating it is to receive a call on the iPhone X/iPhone 10 with a hidden number, not knowing how to do the same to other people can be just as frustrating. If you too want to surprise your contacts by making a call without showing your caller ID, you are probably curious how to do that. Normally, the iPhone will display your phone number by default and, if you choose to hide it, the number will remain hidden until you reactivate the so-called Show My Caller ID option.


All these being said, we already indicated the key to your question. To make people see the Unknown or the Blocked message on the screen when you are making a call, you have to find the option labeled as Show My Caller ID, within the settings of your iPhone, and simply deactivate it. We’re not going to waste any more time trying to look into the reasons that would make you want such a thing. It’s your decision if you want to stress people out…


For the no show caller ID on iPhone X/iPhone X…

  1. Unlock the screen;
  2. Tap on the icon of the Settings app;
  3. Access the Phone settings;
  4. Find the Show My Caller ID option;
  5. Select it and its dedicated toggle will go from On to Off.


Once you’ve left the settings after taking these steps, all the calls that you will make from the iPhone X/iPhone 10 Will no show the caller ID. You’ll have to see this coming, however – some people might not appreciate seeing the Blocked or the Unknown text on the screen and being clueless about who is calling them.

If you notice your friends stop answering your calls, perhaps you should check the status of the no show caller ID on the iPhone X/iPhone 10… Maybe it remained active by mistake and, if that’s the case, you’ll have to retake the steps from above to deactivate it.

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