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Password Not Working On iPhone Xs Or iPhone Xs Max (Solved)

Whenever we get a request saying something like – my iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Maxpassword isn’t working and I can’t access it – we instantly know it: passcode is forgotten. It’s such a common issue that we cannot help but wonder why people refrain from admitting that they actually forgot the password? Maybe it’s the embarrassment but, come one, we just made it clear that it happens to so many people!

Enough with the strange situation, let’s focus on what will get you out of it, preferably something different than a hard factory reset, right? That’s a terrifying option for all the obvious reasons, but mostly because, unless you haven’t recently backed up the iPhone, this reset will make you lose all data!


Now relax, we’re not here to tell you that there’s no hope. On the contrary, coming up next, we will introduce you to three different methods you can use to erase iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max. When the password is not working on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max and you want to regain your access, select one of these methods:

  1. iTunes
  2. iCloud
  3. Recovery Mode


As suggested above, these options may or may not be accessible, depending on your particular situation when trying to fix password not working on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max. Have you ever used the iTunes to back up files and sync it with the iPhone? Or the iCloud? If you did, you can expect to find some restorable information in there, but this is an essential condition. Because if you have no backup in place, through no channel, it’s literally impossible to save the information that is now locked on the iPhone…


Try the iTunes method to erase iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max:

  1. Access the iTunes on a computer, after connecting the iPhone to that PC (ideally, it should be a computer that you have previously synced the iPhone with);
  2. After typing the passcode if you’re asked to do so, wait a bit – iTunes should sync the device and create a backup;
  3. Then, you can use the Restore [device] option to start the actual process of erasing the iPhone;
  4. From within the Set Up screen loaded on the iPhone, select Restore from iTunes backup;
  5. Back to the iTunes app from the PC, select your iPhone device and the backup you want to restore.


Try the iCloud method to erase iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max:

  1. Use any other device with internet to access com/find;
  2. Sign in with the Apple ID if you are asked to do so;
  3. Tap on All Devices and select your device, the one you wish to erase;
  4. Select Erase [device], the action that will delete not only the device but also its passcode, the one that you forgot;
  5. Use restore from a backup or set up as new – and pray that the locked iPhone is still connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or cellular, otherwise, the iCloud method won’t work.


Try the Recovery Mode method to erase iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max:

If iTunes and iCloud (Find My iPhone) are not an option to you because you’ve never synced the iPhone with any of them, restore your iPhone from Recovery Mode.

  1. Connect the phone to a PC;
  2. Launch the iTunes app;
  3. Do a force restart – for at least 10 seconds, tap and hold on both the Home and the Sleep/Wake keys, releasing it only after the Apple logo shows up and you have officially loaded the Recovery Mode screen;
  4. Next, from the two options that you’ll gain access to (restore and update), tap on Update;
  5. Wait for the iTunes app to download the new iOS software version and reinstall it without deleting the data currently stored on the iPhone.


For questions, just message us right here. For sharing this useful information with other Apple users who want to know how to fix the password not working on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, use whatever social media channel you want!

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