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Ringtone Download For Apple iPhone X And iPhone 10

Different people have different reasons for setting up new ringtones on their iPhone X or iPhone 10. Some of them love particular songs because they remind them of special persons and use them as ringtones for whenever those persons call. Other people just want to stand out and be different from all the other Apple iPhone users. Whatever is motivating you to make this change, we are here to make it easier for you. For this purpose, we’re going to discuss a couple of different aspects related to this ringtone download topic.


First, how do you set up a new ringtone?

  1. You must open the Settings app;
  2. Go to the Sounds menu with all its settings;
  3. Select the Ringtone section available in there;
  4. Go through the list of options and select one.


Note – these are the steps required for changing the iPhone X or iPhone 10 default ringtone with one of the predefined available ringtones. To add a new ringtone, you’ll have to use the add button and select your edited song. For reference on how to create a different ringtone, check the next section.


Second, how can you use a different ringtone than the current options?

  1. Connect the device to a computer and launch the iTunes app in there;
  2. Run an update search for the app and install the new version, if available;
  3. Select a song that you want to customize as a ringtone for your iPhone X or iPhone 10;
  4. Access the editing menu with the Ctrl+Click or the Right-Click command;
  5. Tap on Get Info and set the start and the stop times;
  6. Go back to the editing menu and tap on Create AAC version;
  7. Copy the AAC version and delete the original format;
  8. Change the extension into .m4r;
  9. Add the song to iTunes;
  10. Sync the iPhone with the iTunes.


Third, what should you always keep in mind about this process?

  • While downloading a new song and setting it as a custom ringtone for a particular app is not an impossible mission, you still cannot use the song in its initial form;
  • Moreover, you cannot even use the entire song as a ringtone, so, part of the editing process will consist of deciding on which 30 seconds of the entire song you would like to have as a ringtone;
  • And when you go through all the steps from the second and the first section, you have only customized one contact.


Repeat the steps presented in this tutorial to customize more ringtones for more contacts from your iPhone X or iPhone 10 agenda!

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