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Screen Keeps Freezing On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

With your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max running the latest software update, you’re still dealing with the freezing screen? Whether the problem relates to one app, to several different apps, or to random, unpredictable occasions, we have some general fixes that we would like to recommend you.


If it’s a bad app, delete it to fix the screen freezing on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

When you have identified a clear connection between a particular app and theiPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xs screen freezing problems, you have to choose – do you want to save the situation or do you want to simply get rid of that app? For the latter, you’ll just have to head to the App Store and do a fast checkup. If other people are also complaining about that third-party app, you might not want to wait for the developer to make any improvements. Just uninstall it and your problem should be solved. Otherwise, consider the following…


If it’s a memory lack, uninstall unused apps to make extra room

Just because you’ve caught a particular app causing your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max screen to freeze it doesn’t mean that you must get rid of the app. You can also consider the possibility that the app simply doesn’t have enough memory to run properly. Before you uninstall it, and especially if it is an app that you really need, do a cleanup and get rid of other apps that you’re not so fond of.


If it’s a memory glitch, you can try to just restart the iPhone

Yet another context when it seems as if an app is making the phone to freeze but it’s not that! A memory glitch that manifests while you run that app can also be responsible. When you simply reset the Apple device, you have high chances to get over that memory glitch. And you can do it right then or use it as a proactive prevention measure – reset your iPhone more often and see if the screen will freeze just as often as it used to!


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just do an iPhone factory reset

So far, you’ve tried quite a lot of things. And since you’ve made it to our final suggestion on how to handle the screen that keeps freezing, we can only assume that nothing worked. When you cannot pinpoint a specific cause of these problems, performing a factory data reset will bring your iPhone to its initial defaults.

Back when you just took it out of the box you didn’t have this problem with the screen that keeps freezing. This means that if you bring the device to those initial defaults, you shouldn’t be having this problem either. Find out how to factory reset your iPhone and monitor the results. If you’re far from a resolution even at this of screen freezing on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, ask technical help!

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