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Screen Rotation Not Working On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

You know the saying that troubles never come alone? Looks like the same goes for your screen rotation not working on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max! Most of the Apple users who report this problem – obviously, except for those who actually have the Screen Rotation feature turned off by mistake – notice a couple of other things going on…

Aside from the Internet pages remaining stuck in vertical and not “wanting” to switch to horizontal regardless of what they do, the accelerometer and the gyroscope also stop working properly. From there to noticing that the camera app is showing everything inverted (literally upside down, the buttons included!) is only a small step.


If you’re wondering what could this be, we suggest you rule out an iOS software problem from the start. Check if there’s any newer version available and, if that’s the case, run an update of the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max. In the event that nothing changes, keep reading and putting into practice our suggestions from below. We can go from the simplest option to the hard reset:

  1. Check to rule out the possibility of having the Screen Rotation on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max disabled;
  2. Try to make it to the Service Screen and run a self-test;
  3. Bring the iPhone to its factory defaults, if required.


To check the status of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Screen Rotation feature, you simply have to swipe up from the bottom of the display. Once the menu extends on the screen, identify the lock icon from the top right corner and tap on it. Try to change the position of the iPhone to see if anything changes in terms of display orientation. Nothing yet?

Then, you should remember our mention of trying to access the Service Screen. We said “trying” because, unless your wireless carrier allows your action, you won’t be able to do it. So, you can try but, just so you know, if you can’t access the Service Screen, it’s because of the carrier. And there’s no point to insist in this direction.


As time goes by and you are running out of options, you might want to check our guide here. Obviously, it’s about performing a factory reset on the Apple iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Maxs. Needless to say, you might want to save it for the last, in case that you’ve even contacted the service provider and couldn’t get any useful advice from that side.

Should you feel the urge to give it a jolt, refrain from doing so. We know, you’ve read it on the web, but this isn’t out-of-the-box useful advice, this is useless advice, period. You don’t need to hit an iPhone 8 to make it work and if you do it and it works, it’s just pure chance. Just as easily, you could make it worse if you start doing so. It’s a no-no!


Back to the solution that we’ve been trying to avoid without success… When the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max screen doesn’t rotate, do a hard reset. Back up everything first, to avoid losing all your data, but initiate the reset.

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