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Solve Overheating Problem On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

You haven’t neglected your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max by leaving it in the sun and you haven’t been using it intensively but you’re having overheating problems? That can’t be good and certainly, can’t be ignored! Here’s what we suggest you to solve overheating problem on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max:


Most probable cause – a problematic app

Your Apple iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max wouldn’t normally heat like crazy when you’re not using it in any special way. So, there is this high probability that you have an unstable app running in the background. Just the same, it could be a perfectly working app that simply needs more technical resources that your iPhone cannot provide. Either way, if it’s a third-party app, all you have to do to get a confirmation on the issue is to switch from the normal running mode to Safe Mode.

  1. Go on and hold down the Home and the Power buttons, together, right until the screen goes suddenly black;
  2. At that point, you must let go of the Home button BUT keep holding the Power button;
  3. Wait for the Apple logo to show up and you can let go of the Power button BUT start holding the Volume Up button;
  4. You can let go of that third button as well only when the springboard starts loading.


Now you will have to stick to using the default apps. In Safe Mode, no third-party app will run so, to test if the device is still overheating or starting to cool down, keep going through its menus and keep it busy. Assuming you’re getting the results you were hoping for, you’ll still have to guess which app was causing problems in the first place! You can try to manually uninstall some of your third-party apps or just go for the factory reset that will help you get rid of everything at once.


We know, literally wiping all your data is a bit scary and it could also be unnecessary! That’s right, even when a third-party app was the cause of the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max overheating process. We already suggested that the app could simply need more resources or just have a bug, in which case, it is worth that you learn how to clear the iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus Cache. When you go to the General menu under the Settings app and tap on Storage & iCloud Usage, you get access to the Manage Storage menu. In there, you can slide left and tap delete for each unwanted item or tap Edit and select Delete All for removing all the data from that app.

If these steps above don’t help your last option would take the phone to a technician to fix the device. But before you take your device to an Apple technician and spend lots of money to fix the problem, there’s one more solution that you can try. There’s a good probability that your iPhone battery has died and that charger isn’t working correctly to charge the phone. 

As you can see, there’s more than one way to handle a problematic app that is making your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max to overheat!

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