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Turn OFF Camera Sound On iPhone X/Xr/Xs/Xs Max

To answer this question of yours – “How to turn off the camera sound on the iPhone X/iPhone Xr/iPhone Xs/iPhone Xs Max devices?” – we have to answer a few other questions. Maybe you’ve thought about it before, or maybe not. But going through all these aspects together will give you a clearer perspective.


Most people want to shut that sound off because they don’t like drawing attention. They don’t like being watched when taking personal pictures. And they don’t want to disturb other persons if it’s a quiet event. All these are perfectly reasonable observations and many smartphone users who enjoy taking pictures will resonate with it.

So, how comes that Apple didn’t respond in any way to this general, common problem? If there are so many people who could really take advantage of using a camera app without any shutter sounds on iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone X, why isn’t it a default option by now?


Like we said, there are some other questions that will answer your conundrum…

What is the camera sound?

Why is it a default option?

How would you tackle other similar default options?

Is there an alternative to constantly switching between menus?

All these and some other useful details will be approached below. Enjoy the reading!


The camera sound – not your regular audio sound:

As you probably imagine, this section aims to answer an already mentioned question – What is the camera sound? And just to cut to the chase, here’s the answer: the iPhone X/iPhone Xr/iPhone Xs/iPhone Xs Max camera shutter sound is a notification sound. Just like the device rings when you get a new email, a new text message, an event on one of your social media accounts and so on. Keep this aspect in mind – not your regular audio sound – and we’ll get back to it in a moment.


The camera sound is always on for LEGAL grounds:

This makes it a serious thing, doesn’t it? So, Apple is not giving up on the default sound because the legislation forces all devices with a digital camera to reproduce this sound. It has to do with one’s right to privacy. This means the sound is particularly intended to let other people know you’re taking a picture. That way, if they’re not comfortable with the situation, they can step back and make sure they won’t end up in your photograph.

Now, we know you don’t normally walk around taking snapshots of strangers and acquaintances without their permission. But still, some people do that and this feature is supposed to protect everyone who wants to avoid such situations. So, no, there isn’t much you can do. Again, keep this aspect in mind – a legal matter without too many options for you.


The headphones trick will, therefore, not work:

In case you’re still not sure why, let’s recap. We’ve shown you this is a legal mandatory fact, so, you can’t expect to be so dumb planned for anyone to bypass it by plugging the headphones. But the real reason is in the fact that it is a notification sound! Do you know any other notification, on the iPhone X, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max that sends its tone through the headphones instead of the speakers? No, you don’t, and neither will the camera shutter notification sound!


Here’s what will work, instead:

As much as you’re forced by the law to use it, this has some limitations as well. The limitations relate to your control over your iPhone and what you can do with its notifications. You probably know by now that activating the vibration or the loud ring mode will silence the notification sounds. So, that’s right, it will work for the camera sound as well!

But if you don’t want to mute the iPhone X/iPhone Xr/iPhone Xs/iPhone Xs Max with every picture you take, check the App Store. You’ll find at least one third-party camera app in there that spares you from the annoying sound by default!

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