“What’s A Computer?’ New iPad Pro Ad From Apple Reimagines A Tablet

Apple’s introduction of iOS 11 has really changed how people can use an iPad. With folder features, multitasking and a dock feature you can basically use your iPad like a laptop. Even thought an iPad is not a complete laptop replacement because of the lack of power and functionality, it’s getting very close for casual users.

Apple is really trying to change people’s perception on what a laptop is with it’s recent ad for the iPad Pro. For a new generation, the portability and user friendlessness makes lots of people lean towards an iPad Pro when looking to make a new purchase.


Apple’s New “What’s A Computer” Ad

In the commercial that you can view below, a young child is using the iPad Pro in New York in almost any environment. The clip starts off in the front yard and transitions into interactions with friends and the easy of making quick edits to photos and sharing to iMessage without any effort. Later the ad shows the child using the iPad Pro in a corner, top of a tree, and on the bus. Almost anything that you can imagine doing on a traditional laptop has been seen in this commercial with the iPad Pro. You can view the “What’s a computer” ad from Apple here:



The latest introduction of iOS 11 from Apple is what many people have been asking for. A dedicated dock, Folders and multitasking allowing for a great experience that might temp many to switch from their traditional laptop. In addition to being able to use an Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro is a must have device for creative types that like a more hands on approach when being productive.

A few drawbacks to the iPad Pro for a MacBook replacement is the lack of power and usability of all programs that are supported on Mac OS. In addition, the keyboard that you can attach to an iPad Pro still doesn’t have the response as traditional laptop.

But being able to have a device much more portable and a touch screen can negate some of the drawbacks that come with switching from a laptop to an iPad Pro. Plus having the ability to plug in your iPad Pro to a portable power bank allows you to get extra charge while away from a power outlet. This is a big benefit for those that travel a lot or are always on the go.


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