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Where Do I Get Ringtones For Apple iPhone X/iPhone Xr/iPhone Xs/iPhone Xs Max

You see, that’s a question that we get all the time. No matter how cool their ringtones are, Apple users will always want to learn how to add new ringtones for their iPhone X, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max devices. If only it was as easy as grabbing the first song you can find and setting it instantly…

But it’s not like that. Of course, it isn’t extremely complicated either, though, one would say that there are a lot of steps to follow. We tried to keep the information to a minimum – the minimum you need to familiarize yourself with, in order to start changing ringtones on all contacts on iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone X.

We encourage you to go through this tutorial and start putting it into practice right away. That’s the best way to learn it and, once you do it, you’ll have the essentials on how to tweak other sound notifications as well…


The nuts & bolts of downloading, editing, and setting new ringtones on iPhone X, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max:

  1. Launch the iTunes;
  2. Update the iTunes to the latest version;
  3. Select your song;
  4. Right-Click or Ctrl-Click (whatever works for you) on the song;
  5. Tap on Get Info;
  6. Set the song’s start time;
  7. Set the song’s end time (no more than 30 seconds in between);
  8. Right-Click or Ctrl-Click once again;
  9. Tap on Create AAC Version;
  10. Copy the new version;
  11. Delete the old version;
  12. Change the new version’s extension (into .m4r);
  13. Add the new song to iTunes;
  14. Sync iPhone with iTunes;
  15. Go to the iPhone’s settings;
  16. Go to Sounds;
  17. Select Ringtone;
  18. Select your Song.


It clearly looks like a lot of steps to follow but we don’t want you to let yourself intimidated of this aspect. You are only accessing a menu of options and deciding what part of the song you want to use, because iPhone ringtones cannot last longer than 30 seconds. After that, you’re change its format into AAC, add it to the Ringtone’s list, and you’re ready to start using it.

Moreover, since it’s a process that needs to be repeated with every new contact, you’ll have the chance to master the ropes in no time. Now, you really have everything you need to start downloading and setting up custom ringtones for iPhone X, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.

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