9Apps Review: How Safe Is 9Apps App Store And How To Download It?

Android users have various app distribution platforms where they can download their favorite applications. Among the options we have Google Play Store, the Amazon App store, Aptoide apps store and also 9 Apps. Among the most common application distribution platforms, where android users can get their favorite apps and games is the 9Apps platform. The 9Apps registered over 300 million users across the globe.

However, it is most common in Russia, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Middle East and also Southeast Asia. The users in these countries consider 9Apps as a viable option in place of the popular Google applications platform, The Apple Applications platform, and the other application distribution platforms. This is because 9Apps allows users running various operating systems such as iOS, Windows OS, Blackberry and also Android to download the applications that they want.

One of the most popular concerns that user raise is related to the legality of the apps distribution platform. Ideally, a common question among the users is “how safe are they when using the 9Apps platform?” This is a topic that we intend to cover in depth with a focus on the safety you enjoy while using 9Apps and the risks associated with running 9Apps. Basically, the 9Apps platform is a very small Applications distribution platform. However, 9Apps is a platform that distributes video content, Movies, Favorite wallpapers, enjoyable games various applications, and also apk Files.

Therefore it is a platform that offers other content and not only an apps store like other platforms. In addition, the users who prefer 9Apps will get access to free apps that are premium in other application distribution platforms. Therefore on 9Apps users don’t have to pay a coin for their favorite applications. There are also several coupons that allow users huge profits when they make an online purchase from Amazon India.

Have a look at: the potential feature of 9Apps applications platform and so you will get an idea on whether to install 9Apps or not to. Through the post you will also learn addition features that aren’t covered anywhere before.


How safe is 9Apps? 

One thing you can be assured of is that 9Apps store will allow you safety and that it is secure platform. In addition, you will not be a victim of virus attack or any malware. But, be aware of some of the applications available on 9Apps that cause problems. In the past, there have been reports indicating adware difficulties once the users download apps from the store. Sources indicate that the adware issue cannot be gotten rid of even after restoring the phone to default settings.

If you checkout the online website rating application and also on YouTube, you will realize alarming number of negative reviews. On various reviews, the users are warned against downloading some applications from 9Apps as these are applications that are known to cause issues and also sharing user information without user consent.


How to Secure your Smartphone after Installing 9Apps 

You already know that 9Apps has crack applications and therefore increasing the chances of downloading adware and other malevolent virus that come along the crack applications. This makes it important to verify if the application is good to download or not before you actually hit the install link. This can be done by searching through YouTube reviews and reading about installation of various applications downloaded from 9Apps. In case of positive comments only and no indications of negative reviews, you can then proceed to download the application from the 9Apps app distribution platform.

Basically, all we insist is that it is crucial that you conduct research before you download any applications from 9apps.


The Procedure for Downloading and Installing 9Apps Platform on Mobile Phones

As illustrated earlier, the 9apps platform is supported on phones running all the common operating systems. Therefore, just follow these instructions in order to download the applications platform to your device operating system.


How to Install 9Apps as a APK File

  1. Load on any of the browsers that you run on the smartphone. \
  2. Login
  3. Click the Download button. Note that you have to click and wait for the process to be completed.
  4. Click on Install once the process is complete
  5. Click the finish button and you are done!


Installing 9Apps on Android Phone

  1. First, you need to change some settings for the installation to complete. Therefore click settings, open the security tab, allow installation from unknown sources
  2. Open the Browser installed on your phone and logon to
  3. Click the “download now” button
  4. Click on “install” once the download completes.
  5. Start the 9apps once the installation is completed successfully.


Installation of 9Apps on iOS phones

  1. Ensure you have changed the setting that allows you install from unknown sources. To complete this step, open settings, click on Security and ensure “unknown sources” option is ticked.
  2. Open a web browser and search for 9Apps on Google Search Engine
  3. Click on the link
  4. Click the download button on the page that opens
  5. Once download is complete, navigate to the folder where the app is stored
  6. Accept the terms and the conditions of installation
  7. Use the 9Apps once the installation is complete.


Installing the 9Apps on Windows Mobile Devices

  1. Accept installation from unknown sources by going to the settings page, click on Security, and finally check installation from unknown sources
  2. Click on the browser and load
  3. Once the page loads click on the download button and wait until the downloading process starts
  4. Once download is complete open and click install now
  5. Now you can use the 9Apps platform.


Procedure for Installing on Blackberry Mobile Phones

  1. To begin with, allow installation from the unknown sources.
  2. On the browser, load
  3. Check for the download button and press it
  4. Once download is complete check for installation button and click on it. Once the process is over you can now use the 9apps platform.

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