Appvn And 9 Apps Play Store: Similarities/Difference

You surely know that Google Play Store is the most popular app store for downloading games and apps. But, if your wish is to try other similar app downloaders you should know about 9apps and Appvn. Both platforms have a lot of users, and every single app you can find on Google Play Store you can also find on those two app stores.

Now, you’re probably asking which one is the best alternative play store, and that is the reason why you should read this article. So, let’s see the features of both platforms, and their similarities and differences, shall we?


Appvn Features

Firstly, let’s see some of the features of appvn:

  • You can use the app store in different languages like English, French, Indonesian etc.
  • You can download e-book, ringtones, wallpapers, and songs as well


9apps Features

This platform is also one of the best app downloaders on the market, and because of that, you should know some of the main features of 9Apps. So, let’s check them:

  • You will get the most popular games and apps. Except that, you will get a list of reviews and recommendation by professionals
  • This app store also has a very high number of downloading rate with the spread DNS network


What is similar between 9apps and Appvn?

Both are representing a great alternative to Google Play Store and they have almost the same features which will help you to download a lot of great games and apps.

  • You will be able to find the newest apps and games on both platforms
  • Both app stores are small in size so you don’t need to have a lot of free memory on your device
  • It’s not important if you’re using Android or IOS, 9apps and Appvn are available on both operating systems


What is Different Between 9Apps And Appvn:

  1. If you choose to use Appvn, you should know that all the premium apps are free, but if you choose to use 9Apps you may need to spend some money in order to download some of the apps
  2. According to many different experts, Appvn has a simpler interface to use then 9apps
  3. The opposite of 9apps, the recommendation of the best apps isn’t available on Appvn
  4. 9apps have a lot more users then Appvn


These similarities and differences are here only to help you to choose the right app store which will satisfy your needs. Both are really popular and have some amazing features and I’m sure you’ll like them.


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