Aptoide App Store Review: Why You Should Download Aptoide

Do you like to explore recent apps? If you enjoy filling your phone with the best applications to make it more enjoyable and useful, then you just found the right app which is basically Aptoide. You will get to enjoy games and productivity applications while using this application.


Understanding What Aptoide Application is and what it does

If this is the first time when you are hearing of this revolutionary application, it is important that you dig to further details you need to know about the application. Basically, Aptoide is a third party app that allows you to download helpful and fun filled apps developed by thousands of programmers around the world. This is not the only capability that comes with this great app. You will also be able to share your own application with your friends and colleagues. Therefore the application is made to ensure you are getting the most from your phone making it more productive.



Now, let’s Review and Learn more about the Application


A Review Aptoide Application

Ideally, the application is handy for the users who want to download more useful applications. Therefore it is important for those who like to develop applications. Therefore, we can say that the app acts like an open source community. Through the application, developers can have their own apps sharing platform which comes at absolutely no cost.

The developers behind Aptoide app have made it possible for other applications developers to enjoy a free store. While doing so, they want to make sure that other developers are passionate while coming up with their own applications. This is also the feeling that developers get when they are trying to come up with improved versions of their applications.

In addition, the developers have access to a more useful feature enabling them to run beta applications. They can therefore share their application on a limited group making it possible to work on various application improvements so that they can publish at a later date.

The Aptoide application is not only useful to the application developers. Also the users of the phone find the application useful. The application makes it possible for the mobile phone users to download unlimited number of applications that their phone storage can allow. All this comes at absolutely no cost.

In this store, the users of smartphones can also have access to other applications that aren’t available in the other marketplaces. There are varying reasons why these apps are not already in the apps market. However, be assured that the applications are actually very safe. There is no application that has already been listed on this Aptoide that is restricted for use in any geographic location. (There are no constraints that are related to Geographic zone) ideally, you are free to download the application any time when you feel like.

Take advantage of the feature that makes you free to update applications. Therefore, through this feature you can manage to keep all the applications up to date so long as the application is downloaded through the Aptoide application. This way you will have access to all the latest features available on the recent versions. In addition to auto updating, the app also has the ability to stay in sync with other apps that are installed in your mobile device.

Note that the feature also allows the users of the application to switch to most basic edition when it is necessary. The basic edition is important if you are connected to a slow Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, you can still access the application and take advantage of these features that we have highlighted. The basic edition needs less powerful link and also uses low space. Therefore the basic edition is also important in case you are running low on storage space.

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Safety of the Applications When Running Aptoide; Does the App Harm Your Mobile Device?

An amazing fact about the Aptoide application is that the developers have prioritized safeguarding the trust of the app users. Therefore, they have added a feature called Trusted Stamp. This is an application that an open source community application and so it is easy to find any malware that might be hidden on the useful applications. There is an airtight system that allows scre3ening of the applications that are published. So how do you achieve this? Let’s see.


  1. The Apps that are published for the first time aren’t immediately available to the worldwide users. However, it is stored temporarily on a pool of apps for which reviews are yet to be conducted.
  2. The Aptoide offers a multi layered system of protection that is able to detect malware and also other viruses. The developers have made three ant viruses that are in emulators in runtime.
  3. Continuous checking is done to eliminate any possible content that can be thought to be malicious.
  4. The app is validated and a signature used to illustrate its approved.
  5. How the application acts overtime is monitored closely
  6. Each of the applications are scanned severally to eliminate malicious content
  7. An inbuilt signatory system checks for and detects threats and malware. Continuous trust is built on the developers signatory
  8. The Application maintains a stamp badge to illustrate trusted applications. This means the app with the green color has a security guarantee of 99.99%. Therefore it is highly recommended that you only download apps that have the green badge.
  9. Plans to improve the security of the application overtime have led to establishment of collaboration with several universities and research centers aiming to improve security. These make the applications secure.


Based on the above, users are advised to make sure they are using only the apps that have the trust symbol that is illustrated by the stamp.

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