Aptoide Review- Everything You Need To Know And Downloading Guide

In case you got tired of the old, boring, Android application store called Google Play Store, and you don’t like the Amazon App Store, we’ve got news from you. The new store is already out, and we highly recommend you to try it out! It’s called Aptoide, and so far it can be used in 40 languages around the world. The word out there says that Google Play Store just got a major competition, and we sure can confirm that.

Since we want to spread the word about this new store, we’ll make sure to let you know about some cool things about Aptoide, including Aptoide Reviews, blogs talking about “is aptoide safe” and we’ll definitely compare it with the Google Play Store. However, we’ll let you tell us which one you like more.


More About Aptoide

Aptoide has been running since 2010 but the founder, Paulo Trezen, started this whole idea in 2009. Right now, this store is providing more than 700.000 apps for Android devices. Thanks to Bazaar Android, Paulo was able to launch his app store. 2 years after Aptoide started working, it united with Bazaar Android, becoming one great and promising company.

There was some kind of a mess between Aptoide and Google back in 2014, so Aptoide had to press charges against Google. Eventually, Aptoide managed blocking Google Chrome users’ access to Aptoide. Just a year later, they had a new office in Singapore and they started working the Asian app market.

Aptoide developed different versions according to different platforms. As for now, there are Aptoide TV, Aptoide App, Aptoide Kids and Aptoide VR. They managed covering all popular platforms.

Since 2017, Aptoide started supporting the Appcoin, which was a cryptocurrency developed specially for applications. Every Aptoide user (and there are 200 million of them) represents a kind of an impulse for the Appcoin.

Please, feel free to tell us what you think about Aptoide. Your opinion matters! Also, if you’ve got any questions, hit us up!


Aptoide Installation

We are here sharing some links via you can easily download and install Aptoide app store on your android smartphone and tablet.

Here are some links for downloading and installing the Aptoide. Whether you have a smartphone, a tablet or a smart TV, you can download it.



Aptoide Features:

  1. Definitely the most popular feature that makes Aptoide so popular and useful, is that you’re able to download ANY of the app’s versions, instead of being forced to download the latest one only.
  2. Sharing apps is very easy, unlike sharing apps that come from some other app stores.
  3. Unlike Google Play Store, Aptoide doesn’t require you to sign up using email, in order to use the store.
  4. Just like updating your apps, you can easily downgrade them, in cases you notice a new version has some bugs (or features) that you don’t like.
  5. Simple and intuitive interface affects user experience in a great way. You’re just one tap away from downloading any application.
  6. Feel free to join Aptoide’s partnership program, if you’re up for starting your own Android app retail.
  7. Apps can even be uploaded from the Dropbox.
  8. Aside from the partnership program, you can also join the publisher program, in case you want to launch an app of yours and make money off it.


Aptoide VS Google Play Store

As we’ve promised, we’ll talk a bit about the differences between Aptoide and Google Play Store.

Who has more users: Let’s start off with this one. Even though these are just numbers, after all, users are what this is all about, isn’t it? While Aptoide has between 100 and 200 million users, this number is reaching billions when it comes to the Google Play Store.

Who’s more popular: This is something that’s in a tight connection with the number of users, and as expected, everyone knows about Google Play Store while just a couple of people (out of a portion of respondents) know about Aptoide.

What do they have to offer: This is where the Google Play Store’s domination stops. Even though they have lots to offer, there are some great and useful apps found on Aptoide which are not available on the Google Play Store.

Who offers maximum security: Regarding the security, both have done a great job. However, Aptoide is considered a “bad guy” here because it provides certain apps for free, which aren’t free on the Google Play Store.

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