Best 6 Apps Similar To Dubsmash For iPhone And Android

There’s been a “new” trend out there (and by new we mean for a couple of years now) where people tend to do all kinds of different audio impersonations, parodies and covers and share it with everyone. It’s cool and entertaining, we’ll give them that. That’s why we’ll be bringing up top 6 apps like Dubsmash for Android & iPhone.


What’s Dubsmash?

Dubsmash represents a fast-growing and definitely highly entertaining mobile phone app that can be run on both Android and iOS devices. What this app does is it allows you to opt for an audio file (or some other type such as a movie file) and perform it in your own personal style.

The biggest part of Dubsmash users represent teenagers and they have helped making this app pop off real quick, and real good. It didn’t take long before everyone heard about it, and even made a Dub of their own. Since the industry has realized what potential this kind of app has, they’ve decided to try and make their own version of Dubsmash. That’s why there are so many alternatives out there now.


6 Dubsmash-like apps

We’ve taken a look at plenty of alternatives and we’d like to point out 6 Dubsmahs-like apps that we find are worth trying out.


Video FX video maker

In the search for a video-oriented app that offers more than just the entertainment, we’ve found Video FX video maker and it’s definitely something you should give a try. This video maker can help you create a business video as well. The best thing about it is that it offers up to 30 amazingly realistic effects that can make your video come alive. Try making a video on your own and share it with your friends all over the Internet and tell us how it went!



Considering the services that Dubsmash offers, and its name, we’ve found the perfect alternative – Vinesmash! However, this is not a “plagiarism” since Vines really are a thing.

Voice overs have got a new tone thanks to Vinesmash. Your voice can now be buffed with a ton of different effects – ranging from sweet and romantic ones to more tough and terrifying ones.

Developers did their best in order to provide services that won’t lower the quality of your audio and/or video during the shooting (recording). High quality is definitely one of their main goals.



We all like selfies and now we can make things even more interesting with the use of Dubshoot. Feel free to combine your own recordings and shootings in any way you want – take a selfie and put some awesome background music to that!

Developers of Dubshoot really thought of everyone and this is a nice thing they did – the variety of languages for which you can opt is amazing. If that’s your choice, you’re free to pick Hindi! Another great thing about this app is that it offers plenty of movie dialogues which you can use in order to make your video even more awesome. Combine your awesome looks and acts with some of the celebrities’ voices and produce a miracle!



Looking at the statistics, we’ve found an app that’s being very popular – it’s Kinemaster. The number of effects and options you can use for empowering your videos is incredibly large. After all, that is how you manage standing out – by providing as many awesome features as you can.

Even newcomers won’t have problems using Kinemaster since its interface really adds up to the entire user experience. You’ll be shooting great videos in no time!


Androvid Video Editor

Another video editor that we’ve encountered is Androvid Video Editor. This is a great alternative to Dubsmash, if you have a reason NOT to use the Dubsmash after all. This is a great “producer” app – you can combine a lot of different videos in order to come up with one stunning masterpiece. Let’s not forget that there is a ton of cool effects to opt for!


Video show

Here’s one that adds up to the aesthetics and all of that. This time, it’s not about the quality of content – it’s about how nicely that content is being served! We’re bringing you the Video show. The variety of majestic effects will help you make your video even more interesting and breathtaking.

It’s a well-known fact that “YouTuber’s” are actually doing this for real, all day long, and it’s no secret that it’s a very fun thing to do (aside from being hard if you do it full time). That’s why we believe this app is so amazing.

Starting with making scary videos to funny ones, with funny effects, voice changes and adding filters, doing an experiment are just awesome features. So, what are you waiting for? Go and try these option.

Care to try some scary prank? Video show can help you out with it! What if you’d like to come up with a funny and original video with cool effects and features? Video show is the right option for you!


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