Best Way To Download 25pp App Store For PC: Is 25pp Safe?

If somehow you still haven’t heard about 25pp, it’s an app store that allows you to download and use the apps that are primarily forbidden to use on your iPhone (or any i-device). It’s very popular in China and people all around the world started using this store. This app is all about jailbreaking and if you don’t know what that is, it’s a process that allows you to mess with root files in order to adapt them to your needs (allowing yourself to use third-party apps).

Why would you want to use this app? Well, ask yourself why you want to use apps that are not allowed to be installed on your iPhone. You want them, don’t you? So just get the 25pp and you can have those apps! The best thing is that this app store doesn’t provide apps only – you can have all kinds of ringtones, wallpapers, and many more. Customizations (personalization) and even religious apps are what people are asking for the most.

Just like with iTunes, you get to browse for apps and other stuff, and then you can download it to your mobile phone.


Is Using 25pp Safe?

Everyone realizing that you could actually be using the forbidden apps gets worried about the trustworthiness and safety of this app store. Especially taking in consideration that 25pp is a third-party app, so it’s always good to be careful. However, we claim that this app is safe to use! Just download whatever you want and you won’t experience any negative outcomes.

The truth is that malicious apps can be found on the 25pp app store, since there are many people who are striving to steal people’s personal data. We highly judge this behavior and, since the 25pp doesn’t have its own way of high-end protection against these acts, we recommend you to stay alert when downloading such apps.


Downloading And Installing 25pp On PC

  • Since 25PP’s official website is in Chinese, we recommend you to use a browser that can translate the Chinese language (therefore, we recommend using Google Chrome). Also, the preferred operating system is Windows and not Mac.
  • Go to their official website, translate it and download the app.
  • Once you downloaded it, install it.
  • After the installation is completed, open the app. You have to connect your mobile phone to your PC and then you’ll have to install some additional files that the app requires.
  • After installing these additional files, the PC should be recognizing your phone. Now click the PP icon.
  • This is the final step. Once you click the PP icon, it will issue a download and an app will show up on your home screen.


Once you’re done setting up everything, you’ll have to provide your Apple ID. Don’t worry, we know how suspicious you may get and therefore this app has an alternative – you can provide your burner Apple ID. That’s it!

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