Clash Of Clans May Update Is Biggest Releases Ever

A number of people are speaking about the next Clash of Clans update. There have been a number of updates over the years where many improvements were introduced in the game play. Avid Clash of Clans gamers have always been excited about any update released by the game developers, Supercell. Here are a few things that you need to know regarding the next update.

The creators of Clash of Clans have promised that this update is the biggest ever. This has increased the excitement among the gamers and they are now looking forward to the update eagerly. Here are a few features that can be expected with the new update.


New Feature Updates – Clash Of Clans

A number of gamers have stated that they have come across many leaked images of the update. One of the improvements that many have pointed out is with regards to the graphics. With the new update, the game play looks to be set at night. This night mode is something that a number of gamers were always asking for. There is also a possibility of a second village in the new update. This multi village mode is something that gamers will love and this will take their game play to the next level.

Another functionality that may have been introduced is the shipwreck feature where you can sink a fleet of ship. This is something that has also excited a number of gamers. These new additions are sure to give Clash of Clans gamers something more to cheer about. The developers would also expect this update to attract more gamers towards this game.


New Clash Of Clans Defenses

Rumors have never usually come true in the past and this has kept gamers very skeptical this time around. However, the new update will give gamers the chance to add two new defenses to their ranks.

  • When you are at level 6, you can have the option of air switch along with lightning that is high voltage. This could be an alteration to the already present defense.
  • Addition of a new tower of hell is also expected as a new defense.


While these may not be confirmed additions to the game, it is certainly exciting to hear about these possibilities. It only gives hope to all Clash of Clans gamers.


Gamers Expectations

The game developers, Supercell, have refused to comment however rumor has it that the update is almost ready and can be released at any time. No date has been set for the release however avid gamers are already looking forward to the new and improved Clash of Clans update.


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