Facebook To Allow You To Watch Videos With Friends

Recently, Facebook has started to test out a new feature that they are coming up with that will allow people watch videos simultaneously in groups while still being able to interact and comment with each other. This new feature that they are beginning to test is called Watch Party. You will be able to watch whatever video on Facebook using Watch Party as long as the video is public. This can either mean prerecorded or live videos. Facebook’s goal is to let watching videos be a social experience that is fun rather than a passive experience. The company has said that, they are moving towards creating better experiences that will bring people much closer together and will inspire connectivity rather than something that you do passively.


To begin a Watch Party, a group moderator will choose a video or more to put inside the group. When the Watch Party is about to begin, people will a widget that will indicate that a Watch Party is about to start. Once you join, you will be able to view the same video that everyone is also viewing.

People in the Watch Party will be able to view the videos that are queued to see what videos will be coming up next. If you happen to be watching the video on your phone, the comments that are coming from the group chat will appear on top of the video. If you happen to be watching the videos on a desktop, the comments will appear on the right side of your screen.


Facebook has said that Watch Party was created in order to increase social interactions during live videos rather than videos that have already happen. If videos that have already been recorded have more interactive, than it will allow people to enjoy the content much more.

However, the idea watching videos together is not a brand new idea. The Xbox 360 had something very something very similar when users could watch Netflix together. But, in 2011, the feature was stopped due to a firmware update and lead to a lot of outraged.

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