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Funimation Change Language – Guide

Funimation is a very popular streaming site in the United States of America that is growing quickly. One thing though some people are wondering is how to change language on Funimation. This is a common question that is being asked by many users and we are here to help with Funimation change language.

Before we start lets explain that there’s a few different types of tiers to Funimation which include basic plan which costs $6 a month, Premium Plus that is $8 per month and finally Premium Plus Ultra for those that are died hard fans of Funimation. The process to change language on Funimation is the same for all of these accounts. Follow the instructions Funimation how to change language guide

How To Change Language On Funimation

  1. Open the Funimation app and login into your account
  2. From the Home screen, select on My Account
  3. Select on Preferences
  4. Now select on Video settings
  5. Next select on Preferred Language
  6. Here you have two options for languages, English or Japanese, select the one you wish to use for Funimation change languages
  7. Now click on Save to change languages on Funimation


After you read the steps from above, we hope that this will help you learn how to change languages on Funimation. The process is quick and simple, the only drawback is that the language choices are limited.

We are happy to help you if you have any question, send us a message or leave a comment so we can help you the best we can.

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