How To Download TubeMate 2018 And Install For PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10

Another amazing application that you need to know about and use on your PC is Tubemate. This is an amazing application that enables people to download videos that they find entertaining on various websites. Specifically, Tubemate is made for the Android devices and it is useful when you want to download videos.

Based on the amazing capabilities on the phone, the PC users want to be able to use the application too. Therefore once the app is on the computers, they can therefore be able to watch interesting videos on the computer that has large screen. When it comes to computers, you can run Tubemate on different versions of windows. These include windows (XP, 8.0, 8.1 & 10).

Since the first time when this application was released to the market, it has always registered success. This is because the app is the first of its kind that allows users to access and enables downloading of the high-quality videos. In addition, you can convert downloaded videos to any format since the application comes with an inbuilt converter. Here are some of the features you will enjoy.


The TubeMate Features

As illustrated above, this is an application that allows the users to download online videos. The application is inbuilt with various nice features that you will find out about here. Here is a list of the features you will love about the application.

  1. Ability to download online videos from various websites.
  2. Download Videos from YouTube and similar platforms.
  3. A decent speed while downloading the videos
  4. Access to videos online
  5. Supports MP4 videos
  6. Supports Live streaming
  7. Videos that are in 4K quality
  8. Several updates and supports various video formats
  9. 240p to 1080 p video quality
  10. Easy to use Interface Allowing anyone to download the nice Videos


Free 2018 PC Tubemate Download

Android devices are the most suited for the Tubemate application. To download the application you need the Bluestacks emulator. The procedure for downloading the emulator can be found here and you will also have access to the procedure that you need to follow to install, the application.

  1. Download Bluestacks Emulator for Android
  2. Open the Emulator
  3. Enter Tubemate and click search
  4. Tubemate icon will be displayed. Click on the Download tab to begin the process of downloading
  5. Click Install to have the emulator on your PC. Note that the installation will take a while to complete.
  6. Once Installation is done, Click on Tubemate and so you can enjoy the videos.


As mentioned above, Tubemate is a nice application. Therefore if you checkout the post, you can know how to install and download the videos. The amazing features will always keep you entertained as you enjoy videos in different formats.


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