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How To Trim And Edit Videos On Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps in the world and being able to share videos on Snapchat is a big draw for its users. But one issue with the app is that you will sometimes need to trim videos on Snapchat before sending them so it’s not to long.

Most people know how to add filters or slow down a video, but most people don’t know how to edit videos on Snapchat, but don’t worry as we’ll be explaining below how to edit and trim videos on Snapchat.



What Does Trim Video On Snapchat Mean?

A quick answer to this question is that when you go to trim video on Snapchat, you can shorten length of video on Snapchat from either the beginning of it or the end of the video. The Snapchat Trim feature is best when you have a video that is running over 10 seconds and you want to shorten it to be finished under 10 seconds.

Now follow the steps below to lean how to trim video on Snapchat, it should be noted that these steps will work only if your video is over 10 seconds.


How To Trim And Edit Video On Snapchat

Now lets start with the steps on how to trim and edit video on Snapchat. The first thing you need to do is film the content that you want to share with your Snapchat friends. Once you have finished filming the video follow these steps:

  1. In the Preview area before you go to send your Snap, look for it says Tap to Trim
  2. Look for the two handles on the outsides of this area
  3. Drag these handles to where you want to trim the video either from the start or at the end of the video
  4. Once you’re satisfied, tap on the blue send button to share the edited shorten Snapchat video with others


After you follow the step by step directions from above, you’ll know how to trim and edit videos on Snapchat to share with friends.

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