Instagram Has Hit A New High

Instagram has reached a new active user high this morning after announcing that they now currently have 25 million business profiles, which is an increase of 10 million since July.


Instagram shares a variety of diverse statistics to people. For example, it shared that it had 2 million advertisers, 500 million daily users, and 800 million monthly users in September. However, this is a bit more special due to the importance of how many businesses want to connect with potential customers through the use of social media. Instagram have also shared that about 80 percent of their users are following a business and approximately 200 million users visit a business account every day.

The incredible growth of business profiles with Instagram is quite impressive seeing as they recently launched them, which let businesses check additional analytics and give it more functionality.


The director of product for Instagram Business, Vishal Shah, has said that approximately 50 percent of business account do not link to an outsourcing website meaning that they believe their sole or primary online presence is through Instagram. He also said, that “businesses that do better as a native account tend to do better on the platform”.

The business profile growth could lead to more competition for consumer’s attention. Facebook (who owns Instagram), has faced some criticism a couple of years ago since it was quite difficult for businesses to attract users organically without the use of ads, which was because of the Facebook trend that was caused due the amount of increase content on News Feed.


However, it was suggested that this could be played out a bit differently for Instagram. Of course, businesses need to be strategic when posting on their Instagram or onto their stories but the strategy will go being just using things like hashtags or search.

But, Instagram has stated that about two-thirds of the visitors of business accounts do not actually follow the account. A way that Instagram is trying to grow this part of the business is to try to give more detail to visitors as they are visiting the business account and what they can do to increase active participation.

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