Is 9Apps App Store The Best Alternative For Google Play Store?

A popular Google apps store alternative is 9Apps application distribution platform. The 9Apps mobile app store is popular among the Android users and offers several applications available for downloads. The extra features that 9Apps offer the users are the key competitive edge, securing 9Apps a good reputation.


Understanding 9Apps Platform

For your understanding, 9Apps is an android applications platform that presents the users of Android the same and even more applications that can be downloaded and also updated through the platform. Therefore, it is these features that have enabled more than 160 million users to subscribe to the 9Apps platforms.


Does 9Apps offer Secure Apps?

The smartphones have become very common allowing malware and viruses to thrive. According to experts, Google App Store is most preferred source when it comes to mobile devices applications. Therefore, this makes the interested users who would like to use the 9Apps to think twice even before they start the download process.

However, based on the high subscription that 9Apps gets, it shows that the platform is secure. Therefore, it maintains most important security to the maximum. The developers of 9 Apps are always committed to ensuring that they check and also update 9App to ensure the latest security measures. However, it is important to note that what matters most is the application that you are using. Therefore, it is not all about the Applications distribution platform security. The applications that you download are the ones that get the bugs on your Android device

In the past cases, it is noted that there are some adware issues that can’t be gotten rid of by simply restoring the device to factory settings. Therefore, this is where we have to apply the rule of the thumb which basically ensures you check the application before you download it. This way you will always be able to keep your device secure.


Factors that Make 9apps Best Alternative Compared to Google App Store

The 9Apps platform has kept its users secure and this is because of one basic reason. Ideally, this is the ease of use that it allows those using the platform, and also the wide range of applications available there.


  1. Better Applications Recommendations

9Apps App store employs an advanced algorithm when recommending the applications that suit the user. This therefore makes it possible to download the most unique applications when using the 9Apps store. This is an added advantage that you enjoy from the application making it better than the many different apps available on Google platform.


  1. Several Platforms

Browsing for apps on 9app offers a better experience. This is because the users have the ability to browse through categorically making it better for those who love browsing applications like I do. The choice is therefore made from the wide category you are presented with as you explore for the options that suit your needs.


  1. The Pricing Factor

You must be familiar to applications like Snapdeal, Shopcules, Myntra, voonik,Flipkart, Askmebazar, Paytm, and Askmebazar. These are leading e commerce websites that have collaborated with 9Apps store. Therefore it means that it is possible to compare the prices of the produ8cts if you are using 9 Apps. This is good since it allows consumers to take advantage of using the application.


  1. Advanced Data Compression Technology

With 9Apps, you will get to enjoy the best data compression technology and therefore the mobile data bills will be minimized. This is a major feature that should drive you towards using the 9Apps instead of using the Google applications Store.


  1. The Coupons that Come with 9Apps

The 9Apps store sets itself apart from the other common app stores. This is basically by allowing the users to enjoy coupons that they can use in purchasing. Users also have the ability to confirm the availability of coupons before they can purchase preferred application or products.


  1. Get Instant Cash back with Amazon Downloads

For many mobile phone users, Amazon is a must have application. 9 apps partnered with Amazon to reward the users with cash back whenever they download the application. With this feature, there has been an increase in the number of new installs making the app popular.

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