Is Zedge Safe To Use For Ringtones & Wallpaper?

If you’re wondering is Zedge free, then you should know the answer is short and clear – Yes, it is. You can download various things, such as ringtones, icons, games, wallpapers etc. without a subscription fee and any other costs. You probably know that Zedge has the copyright issue for the products we have already mentioned, and if you’re asking why is removed from the iTunes play store the reason is “Apple” logo. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but Apple doesn’t tolerate such things at all.

Before I started using Zedge, I wasn’t sure is it really safe. If you’re wondering about the same thing, then I need to give you few useful pieces of advice. I recommend you not to share your personal information such as Full name, credit card info, the number you’re using etc. because you can make unnecessary problems for yourself. There is a chance people you meet are fake, and you probably understand why they don’t need to know these things about you.


Features Of Zedge: 

Zedge is a really great app for those who want to find and download free ringtones, wallpapers and other products we have already mentioned above. So, let see the list of the features of the Zedge app:

  • It is really not complicated to navigate and use this application
  • You can find thousands of different ringtones, icons, games etc.
  • It’s really popular, more than 16 million people from all around the globe are using it
  • The app constantly has new updates
  • Zedge is a user-friendly app, so you don’t need a lot of time to find out how to use it
  • You can find really funny, but at the same time, melodious ringtones, all categorized in several different genres


If you decide to use this app, my recommendation is to use it carefully, even when you chat with people you don’t know personally. Watch out what you’re saying and sharing. If you don’t want everyone to know some of your personal information than there is no reason why you should share them with someone you don’t know.

If you decide to download ringtones, games or any other product, that’s really easy to do. BUT, don’t download files if people you’re talking with are sending you something, you can get Trojans or any kind of viruses into your computer for less than a minute.

Of course, probably the most important thing to mention, if you’re minor, you should inform your parents that you’re using the app, or even better, ask them to download files you want instead of you.

I wrote this article in order to help you with using Zedge and to understand it better. You can conclude by yourself this app is amazing, but it’s very important to be careful with who you share your private information and which files you’re downloading.

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