New Feature On Snapchat Suggests Filters Depending On The Kind Of Picture You Take

Snapchat, the picture and video sharing platform has released an interesting new feature that now will suggest a filter depending on the type of picture you take. A spokesperson from Snapchat confirmed with Mashable about the new feature that has the filter to become smart and suggest something based on the object in your picture.

The way that this works is that you just simply take a picture of of whatever it is, and when you start swiping for a filter, specific filters will be available based on the object that you’re sending to friends in that snap. Already Snapchat has this type of filter available based on your location, temperature, altitude and speed. It’s a great way to make your Snapchat unique and different from everyone else. In addition, it’s a way to provide content to an image that might help tell a better story about.

Currently some of these filter suggests are based on things like food, pets, sports and specific location; for example a concert or beach. It should be expected that Snapchat is just in the testing phase right now and could release more categories for filter suggestions based on how users currently use the app.


New Filter Suggestions Can Help Improve Revenue From Advertisers

This new feature can be seen as a way to get higher engagement with users and allow Snapchat to find a better way for advertisers to spend money on the platform. This feature would allow advertisers to target users based on different interests and see a better return on their ad spending. Instead of only being able to market to users based on location, now advertisers will be able to focus on objects that have photos taken from that specific user.


Snapchat still has a very large daily active user base with 173 million worldwide according to Businessofapps. With an average price of $50,000 per day for a Discover spot via, Snapchat can increase its revenue by a large some if it can incorporate this feature for advertisers.



Previously Snapchat has made some redesigns to its application to help make it easier to use for an older demographic who thought the app was hard to navigate or didn’t know how to use all the different features that Snapchat provided to its users. If Snapchat is able to attract older people to the app, it still has lots of room for growth.


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