‘Pokémon GO’ Stops Cheaters: Can’t Catch Rare Pokémon

Today we’ll be talking about the app that made the biggest eruption amongst mobile phone apps – ‘Pokémon GO’. Everyone’s heard about it so we don’t feel the need to talk about what this game is. However, we will be talking about how they handled cheaters!

Since Niantic had to make an app that communicates with lots of third parties (such as APIs, drivers, cameras, etc.), they had a really tough job making everything completely safe. They did try to do so, but it looks like some people were more stubborn than the developers – that’s how hackers found a way to obtain stuff in this game easier and more often than regular players.

These problems began in April due to players finding a way to use “bots” for capturing Pokémons, but this caused the community to go wild and highly disrespect these players. And as we all know – a sad community is one of the best triggers for developers to wake up! Thankfully, that’s exactly what they did. They redesigned the app so that now things are mainly based on a very random factor which is supposed to make things “even” for everyone, no matter what you try.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of hackers exploiting stuff. They found a way to track Pokémon’s location thanks to some third parties (exactly what we talked about in the beginning). Developers, again, struck back and deployed an update which made it impossible for players who use these tracking applications to see rare stuff in the game.

This story represents how Niantic fought back the group of hackers who tried making this game unpleasing for most of the players. This, however, doesn’t mean that hackers won’t find another way to ruin the game, but the developers managed proving 2 things – they are good at what they’re doing, and they will keep being more stubborn than the hackers. We highly believe that this way of “punishment” is completely legit and we really appreciate their effort. One’s current happiness shouldn’t get in the way of plenty of other people’s long-term happiness!


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