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Recover Telegram Account- How To Guide

Telegram is a very popular messaging app that is up there with some of the largest in the world. Telegram has around 200 million active users that share images, videos and messages with one another. If for some reason you want to recover Telegram account, don’t worry we are here to help.

If for some reason you have lost your password, username or phone and want to know how to recover telegram account there’s a few ways to do this. Follow the steps below and we’ll explain the directions to help you out.



How To Recover Telegram Account If Lost Phone

If you have just lost your phone or got a new phone with the same phone number, then the best way to recover Telegram is by going to your computer and going to the Telegram website. Sign into your account and wait until you get a confirmation code sent to your new phone. Once you get that confirmation code, enter it in and sign into your account.

Now the next step is to delete account Telegram on your old phone so nobody can access it.  The following steps will help you with that:

  1. Within the Telegram app, tap on the three-lines option
  2. Go to Settings and browse for Additional Settings
  3. Browse and select “Terminate all other sessions”
  4. This will prevent others from signing into your Telegram account


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