Snapchat Filters Let You Customize Your Story

For avid users of Snapchat, finding filters that best suit your photos has gotten a lot easier with their new filters that will identify what is in a person’s snapchat. So if you take a snapchat of a dog or of some food, then you will get customized filters that relate to that food or dog picture.


Snap confirmed that they are introducing new specific filters to the filter mix. They have not necessarily confirmed the mechanism that will allow you to access these filters but this gives an introduction to the filters that may be seen on Snapchat in the future. You can test out these new filters for yourself by taking a picture of an item you see online and check what filters options you have for it. For example, if you were to take a picture at a beach, the filter might say something like, “Feeling beachy” or if you were take a picture of a dog it might say something like, “Be Pawsitive”. These new object recognition features are certainly going to provide users with a better experience and also attract new users to the platform.

Snap has introduced object recognition before with trying to find specific events or objects in stories but with this new AR, it is trying to keep people interested with its new features so that they will not move to their competitors such as Instragram.


With the new object recognition and AR getting much more accurate and faster, people can start to wonder where Snap is trying to move with this new tech. Eventually, these filters can be used for advertisement to generate revenue as they are currently doing with their freeze filters right now. As with all these filters, they are all fun to use until advertisements start to get involved, so it will be interesting to see how Snap will roll out these features with advertisements.

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