Snaptube App Ultimate Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you sure know about the Snaptube app and the entire video mania.

Most of us have, at least once, got caught up by the power of the Internet, while we were looking for the perfect dabbling app. Check out this one, what about that one, and so on. You can waste hours like this in the blink of an eye. However, that is how we found out about Snaptube!

In case you were wondering about what Snaptube is, or if you’d just like to find out what other people think about it and whether it’s really that special or not, keep reading this honest review and don’t forget to let us know what you think about it!



What’s Snaptube actually for?

Those of you who fell in love with this hobby of video collecting can sure understand us, true video lovers when we say that it’s not easy finding a suitable video download app.

This is one of those futuristic Android apps that just catch your attention in no time, and keep you entertained for hours. However, one thing makes this app stand out, and that’s awesome keyword search!

After using this app for a while, it’s most likely that we’re now able to provide an honest and informative review about this app. Check out its features!


High-quality videos are the must-have

Real video enthusiasts will agree on nothing else but the 1080p and that’s exactly what Snaptube can offer. You can, of course, opt out for the lower quality if that’s what you want, but it’s important that the highest quality will always be available to you.

You won’t need to worry about formats and modules and other less-known stuff. Snaptube takes care of all of this.


Different downloads at the same time

With good Internet speed, some free time and of course patience, who wouldn’t want to queue up a couple of good videos to watch later on. Thankfully, Snaptube allows different downloads at the same time, and that’s simply awesome.

Because the app allows multitasking at a high level and great bandwidth, it’s not a secret that sometimes it causes the phone to slow down things a bit, but we find it pretty fair, considering the things that it provides to us.

User-friendly interface

It’s annoying when you open the app and you just have no idea how to get started, especially when it’s something that you need right away. Easy steps are something that we’re all looking for.

Amazing user-friendly interface and keyword searching make this app simply the best. You get high-quality, on-time video, coming from the source you want. Can’t get better than this!


Video-to-mp3 converter

Remember how you’re always googling “youtube to mp3”, “video to mp3” and stuff like that? Well, Snaptube has this feature and it’s extremely useful.

Just download the video and save it in .mp3 format – that’s it! This is something everyone will need, sooner or later.


Can Snaptube harm my phone?

This is something that everyone is worried about; and taking in consideration the number of fraudsters, it’s no wonder people are being so suspicious. You’re wondering whether this app will bring you viruses and malicious files?

Based on our experience, we claim that Snaptube is completely safe to use and it won’t cause your phone any damage! On top of everything, it doesn’t take too much storage space.


Issues with the bandwidth and downloading

This is one of the bad sides of this app. In case you lose the connection during your download, it won’t save any progress – you’ll have to do it all over again. We are not sure why they are using a protocol such as FTP, but it’s not up to use to judge technical stuff. When you lose the connection, you just have to find the video again and start the download again.


Slow music page

Another bad side is that the Snaptube’s music page loads bad and it doesn’t offer neat and smooth usage – everything just lags. Maybe this had something to do with my phone’s RAM and memory, but maybe it hadn’t. It still wasn’t optimal.


Annoying adds

Adds are something that we all have to deal with since it’s a way of supporting everything that we’re using online, but Snaptube has gone a bit too far with this one.

We faced so many adds that our download actually became supremely slow and unimaginable. Everyone needs adds, but this was too much.


Can I run it on my weak configuration?

Unfortunately, we have to let you down on this one. High-quality videos, multiple download, and ton of adds really make this app use all of the phone’s resources and that’s why you shouldn’t be using this app unless your phone is at least decent.

Maybe you can try out the PC version of Snaptube. Lots of configuration-related problems will fade away so you can enjoy it.


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