Tubemate 2018: All Your Questions Answered

What is Tubemate?

Several websites have various YouTube downloader apps to use. But, if you need to download YouTube videos that are quality, then, the best source will be Tubemate. It is a YouTube downloader that has cool features which you might find it amazing. After knowing what tubemate really is, you can now get into tubemate’s downloading process.


What Is The Latest Version of Tubemate App?

Tubemate app has had a variety of versions like Tubemate 3.0.12 (1039) APK, Tubemate 3.0.13 (1040) APK, Tubemate 3.0.14 (1041) APK, and Tubemate 3.0.15 (1043) APK. But now there is the latest version of the tubemate app, that is 3.1 (1053) APK 2018. This it is an easy to use and too smooth version. It is a user-friendly app and with over millions of users are using it, the Tubemate app one those user-friendly apps.


How To Install And Download Tubemate on PC?

As we stated earlier, tubemate was not developed for pc. The developers of this app built it for Android devices that is why it seems unpopular for this kind of platform. However, don’t freak out as we shall show you how can download Tubemate for PC.

  • Before you can download it, you will have to download an Android emulator to your PC, preferably, download Bluestack. The emulator is currently the best right now as it will enable you download just any Android app on your PC.
  • After finishing the emulator downloading process, you will have to now to download and install the Tubemate via the emulator.
  • Open the Bluestack, go in its Search box option and write the app’s name.
  • Your app will appear on the display screen after the search result comes out.
  • Go to the Tubemate app and later Click its install button.
  • You will afterward enjoy the app on the PC after the installation is completed.


For devices that have Root Access, you ought to do the things below

  • Go to the Google Play Store and the free Download SDfix.
  • Start the SDfix, as the SDfix has the capability to make writable of the SD card.
  • Open Tubemate and then click on the three dots that are on the screen’s white corner.
  • Go to the preferences option, Click on so as to can change to the storage you desire your folder.
  • And you will be through with the process.


What to do when your device has no Root Access?

  • Head to Tubemate app, then, click on preferences option.
  • Now select the storage to external.


In this case, only the problem is that data will directly go to Android-> data-> devian.tubemate.home. And location cannot be changed due to default settings. Otherwise, the steps mentioned above will be useful.


How Do I Store Tubemate Videos On An SD Card In Android?

Downloading the Tubemate on your PC is a cool idea but before doing it, you need to learn how to store Tubemate videos on SD card. For Android KitKat version and above, the downloading process directly on SD Cards is not currently. Hopefully, there are two methods you can use to download videos on SD Cards.


Is There Is Similar App To Tubemate?

There are various apps that resemble similar apps to Tubemate. However, we will only discuss the two most prominent ones.



Snaptube app is another app that is similar to Tubemate app. Within some seconds, you will be able to download YouTube videos and any music you desire through the SnapTube app. If you need to download YouTube videos, then this is a good choice as it is a free, very easy and fast app.


YouTube Plus:

A nice alternative to Tubemate is the YouTube Plus. It has dozens of configuration options that allow you to enjoy an improved youtube experience and even more interesting is that you can get a free extension for Firefox and Google Chrome web browser.

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