Vidmate Browser: Popular Audio And Movie Browser Free App

Were you ever in a need of a good movie which you wanted to watch on your mobile phone, but you just couldn’t figure out how and where to download it? Vidmate is the solution. It’s an app used for streaming all kind of media, equipped with options such as downloading, advanced searching, etc.

Aside from watching some TV shows or series, you can use its browser in order to find any movie that you like. All it takes for you to enjoy benefits of this app is to download it via 9apps and to sign up for it, and you’re good to go!


More About Vidmate Browser

Now that we’ve introduced to you what Vidmate Browser is, let’s go through its features and find out why so many people enjoying using this app:


  • Vidmate was developed along with great browsing tools that make Android users’ experience sweet and pleasant.
  • As soon as you complete your registration, you can browse for any kind of media online, but in a better way.
  • Just like within any browser, you can go Incognito in this one as well. Feel free to browse anything privately.
  • Developers of Vidmate wanted to keep consistency and therefore they allowed you to sync your Vidmate Browser with your regular browsers so that you can have all of your bookmarks and history saved and present on any device.
  • This app allows you to run numerous tabs for any use (keeping track of movies that you might want to watch later, for example), and it’s all looking good and sharp.
  • One of the cool things is that you’re able to share any kind of media file on social networks (Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.), letting everyone know what you’re currently enjoying at.


Hopefully this is some useful information about the Vidmate browser.

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