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If you’ve been reading our blog regularly, then you’ve probably read about Vidmate, the best app for online streaming. Anyway, let’s just quickly run through what Vidmate actually represents, and then we’ll talk about how to fix some of the most common problems that users have been reporting for some time now. Thanks to Vidmate, you can play any kind of a media file straight from the browser, including watching TV shows, movies, songs, and whatever you wish for, on any of your devices! If you still haven’t downloaded it, go to 9apps and get it installed! After signing up for the app, you can browse for anything and we guarantee that Vidmate will offer your favorite sites and best results.


Vidmate Error Problem

  • Problems with the internet connection (mobile data or Wi-Fi).
  • Problems with the cash memory (hasn’t been emptied for a while, or it contains corrupted files).


Some of the common Vidmate errors – solutions included

1.   Problem with “Download File” option

If you’d like to access the list of downloaded files, just navigate to the Vidmate menu, and click on the “Download List”. Another way is by heading to the Vidmate homepage and searching for the download icon in the bar, next to other buttons. Now click on that icon, and there you go.


Vidmate not showing the “Download File” option

In case you’re having problems seeing the “Download File” option, you should head to the Vidmate homepage, where you can see the most popular video websites. Click on any of the showed websites, and open any video. Now, in the bottom right corner you can see a red button. Click on that button and the video will be downloaded. Once your video is downloaded to your mobile phone, enjoy it!


2.   Link Expired

Here are two of the most common problems that users experienced:

  • Vidmate is showing the Expired link which doesn’t move, nor you can react with it.
  • Losing the access so the only way to move on is by getting rid of it, and here’s how to do it:

Getting rid of the “Expired Link”

Check out our solutions to getting rid of the expired link:



  1. Give your Android phone a restart:

Considering that we’re dealing with an Android-based application, which is being run on an Android device, a restart is one of the most common solutions to many problems. If you’d like to know WHY this works, it’s because a restart helps get rid of certain files, it empties the memory a bit, and the registries just get a chance to breathe again. Anyway, restart your device and if it worked – great! If not, keep reading to find out more ways to solve the problem.


  1. Update the Vidmate:

“Expired Link” error could be the outcome of some of the bugs in Vidmate’s working. Don’t be afraid of bugs, they usually won’t harm you, but it’s a good practice to keep your apps up-to-date. Developers are regularly rolling out new versions of the app, in which they try to fix as many bugs as they can. The bug could actually prevent the app from auto-updating, and therefore you should do it manually. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open Vidmate and head to the “Me” category, which can be accessed through a button located in the bottom left corner of the app.
  • Scroll all the way down, and an option listed above the last one is the “Update”. Click on that one.
  • Once you click on the button, the app will either ask you to confirm if you want to update it, or it will notify you that it’s already up-to-date.
  • That’s it! Hopefully, the update will fix your problem


3.   Network Error

Another common problem that Vidmate users have been experiencing is the Network error, and if you’ve ever got that pop-up, you know how annoying it feels. This error doesn’t really mean that you have some network issues, but rather proves that the app doesn’t work the way it should, so it’s up to you to fix it.

In order to get rid of this error, you’re going to do a couple of things, but don’t worry as we’ll guide you through. You’ll have to download Tasker and AutoNotification, and then just do a bit of a setup. Follow our thorough steps and make sure to let us know if this one helped you solve the Network Error!


Steps to solving Network Error

  • First you need to download Tasker and then you need to download a Tasker plug-in called AutoNotification. Install them and proceed to the next step.
  • Open your device’s settings and navigate to Accessibility and click on “enable or permit AutoNotification”.
  • Now open the Tasker and click on the Profiles.
  • Create a new profile and make sure to include the “AutoNotification – Toast Intercept”.
  • Head to the Tasks, type in the profile that you created previously and then click “Add New Task”. Give it a name “Toast Identify” and make sure to check the checkmark button, to prevent losing this task.
  • Finally, go to Tasks and head to “Add Task Action”. When you get the pop-up, just set the text to working and that’s it. Let us know if you had any troubles with these steps!


Vidmate definitely is the best media streaming app for Android devices and we definitely recommend everyone to try it out. Now that we’ve gone through some of the most common problems that users have been experiencing, you should have the time of your life using this app!


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