Niantic Developer Of Pokémon Go Raises $200 Million In Series B Round

The makers of Pokemon Go, Niantic has raised around $200 million in a Series B funding round that has several backers including Meritech, Javelin Venture Capital, Founders Fund, NetEase Inc and You & Mr. Jones. This additional funding includes the previous $30 million that was raised in their Series A round.

The company confirmed a report from the Wall Street Journal just a few weeks after it said it was planning on creating a new AR game based on Harry Potter. This augmented reality game is going to be called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and is a type of wizard game that incorporates things like spells, monsters and witches.


Expecting Similar Success As Pokemon Go

This game is going to be developed with the partnership of WB Games and Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and WB Games with expectations to be as successful as Pokemon Go. That game was released in the summer of 2016 and became the fastest growing app ever to be released. Roughly a year after its release Pokemon Go has over 752 downloads and $1.2 billion in revenue.

This game is still has many active users and is the leader in the augmented reality space. It showed how these types of games have a real future for developers and is able to generate large revenue numbers in a short period of time. John Hanks, the CEO of Niantic has said  “This round enables new strategic opportunities and enhances our ability to make long-term investments in augmented reality and the Niantic real-world platform.”

It’s expected that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will become available some time in 2018. You can sign up on the official website for a notification when the game becomes available to the public by going to this link here, Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

It’s believed that this game will have the same effect on users with encouraging them to get outside and explore different areas they live in. This is required to cast spells, finding wizard creates and meeting different iconic characters throughout the game. It’ll also allow people in the community to connect the same way that Pokemon Go did. With new smartphones coming to market so often, it should be expected that the user experience and game play for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will set a new standard for augmented reality games for the future.

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