All Google Chromebooks Have Access To Microsoft Office

Google has provided wonderful laptops to budget conscious consumers for several years. It’s Chromebook line has really allowed those people priced out of these types of devices an opportunity to own one.

This can be especially be noticed for the younger demographics with many students in grade school and high school have these Chromebooks at their disposal. Which allows them to have a better learning experience compared to before thanks to Google.

With the recent news from Microsoft an even better experience is coming for Chromebook owners, now all types of Google Chromebook have the ability to use Microsoft Office. This includes the wonderful software like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

The updates that allowed for this to happen generally comes with the improvement of Chrome OS that has now become a great alternative to use instead of macOS and Windows for laptops. A huge new feature for Chrome OS is that it allows Chromebook owners to download and operating Android apps directly on the device. For several years this feature was left out of Chrome OS, but the recent introduction has really opened the door for Microsoft Office to become available for Chromebooks.




Microsoft Office Now Available On Google’s Chromebooks

Prior to this release, Microsoft Office was only available the new Google Pixelbook, but on others the software didn’t work correctly or sometimes not even appearing on the Play Store.

Based on the report from Chrome Unboxed, they’ve found out that it’s now possible to use Microsoft Office apps on Google Chromebooks via the Play Store. If you have a Chromebook and interested in the Microsoft Office product, check out the Play Store and download these apps. It’s important to note that you’ll need a Office 365 subscription to be able to these softwares.

Previous update to Chrome OS, many Microsoft products weren’t even able to open and run on Google’s Chromebooks. As of now, according to the Chrome Unboxed report, only the Samsung Chromebook Pro, Pixelbook, Acer Chromebook and some others are only able to run Microsoft Office. Others have reported in this Reddit post that other models also work with Microsoft Office.


Great Feature For Business And Education Consumers

With this recent update and availability of Microsoft Office for Chromebook users, it should be expected that this can be a great switching feature for Google as not only are they a great product for the budget conscious consumer, they also now don’t make people switch over from the Microsoft ecosystem and allow them to be much more productive with Microsoft Office. Many schools and businesses still only operate on Microsoft Office and this can be a major factor for not buying a Google Chromebook.


If you don’t have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you can generally find a free 30-day trial online to test things out and later sign up for the subscription if you enjoy the product and services.

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