FCC Approves Google Clips Launch Date Coming Soon

Back in October Google announced that it was releasing a new product called Google Clips as it announced the Pixel 2 and Pixelbook. Google explained that this was a new camera that would use AI to take pictures automatically. In addition, the camera would always stay on to make sure memorable moments are captured. Currently you’re able to go to the Google Clips page and joint the waitlist for the preorder of the device for $250.

But since the original announcement, there hasn’t been much news about the product from Google until now. Variety has mentioned that Google Clips has passed a FCC certification meaning that Google will soon be able to release the camera into the market.

Even though the name “Clips” isn’t specifically mentioned, (the model number is G015A) not much more than what can be found on the Google Clips page is added. A few things that was mentioned files the product as a “wireless device” and will be battery-operated. In addition, this hardware is going to offer both WiFi and Bluetooth low energy connectivity.


Google Clip
Source: Google

When Google Clips was first announced, many thought it was competing with some like a GoPro. But it seems like these products are targeted to different customers as the GoPro is able to record sound and long videos, while Clips is more focused on pictures and quick videos using AI while the device is always turned on. In addition, Google Clips will be able to work without an Internet connection.

The specs for Google Clips includes a 130 degree view lends, up to 15FPS and a 1.55μm pixels sensor. One great thing about Clips is that it’ll get more accurate as you manually press the shutter button over time. The intended use for this device is to clip it on a stable location and allow it to work. The battery has been marketed to last three hours on a single charge and can be charged using a USB-C connection. You’ll also be able to transfer pictures and videos to your phone over a WiFi connection.

In addition to selling it online, Google plans to also make the device available at some retail locations like Best Buy. These details should become more clear once Google has a set date for the release of Clips to the public.


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