Google Makes Flying Easier For You

Google’s intelligence keeps on getting better and better. Google has recently just released an update to their Flight app with a couple of new feature that allow it to assist travelers who might be in unfortunate situations to be able plan their trip easier. The first update brings a machine learning that allows it to predict what flights in the future will be delayed. The next one specifically brings up what airlines mean when they use the term “basic economy”. This term means which comforts are not or are included in the group that boards last.


The most interesting part of the feature is the past that can predict flight delays. Google recently posted a blog post that discusses about how it will go over data from past flight delays and looks for shared patterns in departures that are late.

These factors include things like location, aircrafts arriving late, and weather. The algorithms must be at least 80 percent sure that there will be a delay before the information will show up in your search results when you decide to look up your flight route, airline, or number.

Google wants to insure that it does not take responsibility for accidents so it recommends that you take the predictions as hunches. But, this will still assist you in potential delays that may occur when planning your trip.


The alternative feature is a thought about different airlines’ attempt to reach to the lowest parts when offering flying perks. In the most recent years, many companies have tried to compete when offering the most simple service that they can provide, removing things such as in flight snacks and baggage allowance to bring the most budget friendly customers to their business. However, airlines have tried alternative ways to disguise their ways when trying to offer services to flyers. Google would like to help in these circumstances. Airlines such as United Airlines, Delta, and American Airlines on the Flight app will now get a warning from the application about what those special services are and what they don’t offer.

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