How To Hard Reset Google Pixel And Pixel XL Smartphone

For those of you that own the new Google smartphone, it’s a good idea to know how to hard reset Pixel or Pixel XL. The reason for this is because if your phone ever becomes unresponsive or doesn’t work like normal, a great attempt to fix your smartphone would be to complete a hard reset on Pixel or Pixel XL. When you complete a hard reset, it’ll delete all information on your smartphone and take back to the factory default mode, like it just came out of the box. You can also read how to factory reset Google Pixel or Pixel XL.

You should know that before you go to complete a Google Pixel and Pixel XL hard reset, it’s recommended to back up all photos, contacts and other files in case something goes wrong during the reset process. You can back up  the Pixel or Pixel XL by turning it on and going to the Settings page and selecting on Backup & reset.


How to Hard Reset Google Pixel or Pixel XL:

  1. Turn off your smartphone
  2. At the same time, Press and hold the Volume Up + Home button + Power buttons
  3. Go and select the Recovery Mode menu “wipe data / factory reset” you can use the Volume buttons to navigate and Power button to select your option.
  4. Choose “Yes — delete all user data”.
  5. Then choose the “reboot system now” option


How to Hard Reset Google Pixel or Pixel XL Method 2:

  1. Turn on your smartphone
  2. From the Home screen menu, tap on Settings.
  3. Tap on Backup & reset.
  4. Browse and select Reset device.
  5. Select Erase everything.



Once you’ve followed the instructions from above, you’ll know how to hard reset Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone. This process is useful when your smartphone has become unresponsive or doesn’t work like normal.

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