Not Receiving Messages On Pixel And Pixel XL

If you’ve bought Google’s new smartphone, than you may dealing with the problem that your Pixel or Pixel XL not receiving messages. It’s also possible that your Pixel not sending texts and SMS as well. This can be a headache for some and we’ll explain two different reasons why this could be happening on your smartphone.

Than problem that you could be dealing with is that your Pixel or Pixel XL cant receive messages from a person using an iPhone. The other issue is that you can’t send text messages someone who uses an Android smartphone and the message is sent as iMessage.

The main reason why this is happening is because you probably used iMessage on your old iPhone and now have transferred your SIM card to a Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone.

But you most likely forgot to deactivate iMessage before using that SIM card your new smartphone. This is why iOS phones will attempt to use iMessage in order to send messages. Don’t worry, below are ways that you can fix the Pixel and Pixel XL not getting messages.


How To Fix Pixel And Pixel XL Not Receiving Messages:

  1. Take out the SIM card from your Google phone and put it back into your old iPhone.
  2. Have the iPhone is connected to WiFi or data network.
  3. Now tap on Settings > select on the Message button and then turn off iMessage.
  4. This show fix not getting text messages on your smartphone.


Now if your old iPhone is not in your possession, than you can use an alternative method to turn off iMessage. You can do this by going to the Deregister iMessage page and turn off iMessage. When you get to the deregister iMessage page, scroll to the bottom of page and tap on “no longer have your iPhone?” Next type in your phone number; pick your region and type phone number. Next tap on Send code, make sure to write this code in the field “enter confirmation code” and then tap on submit.

Once you follow the steps above, you’ll be able to start getting text messages on your Pixel or Pixel XL from iPhone users.

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