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Since Launch 6 Million Home Speakers Have Been Sold By Google

It seems like Google is very happy with the success of its Home Speakers. The company recently made a blog post saying that it sold “more than one … every second since Google Home Mini started shipping in October.” If we do the math, that would mean since the launch day of October 19th, through the day of the post by Google, the company has sold about 6.73 million Home Speakers.

It should be noted that Google did not give a breakdown on its post of the breakdown between the models like the Home, Home mini and Home Max. Google also didn’t provide any financials, which is something that many wonder if the company is actually generating any returns from its hardware or are they doing an Amazon and operating at a loss to draw people in for long term.

Many believe that the main goal for Google to be able to collect data for the future. The reason for this is because a previous Reuters report said that the parts alone cost around $26. This would not take into part that heavy costs of marketing, developing and shipping units.




But it seems like these super cheap prices are work, as many people are purchasing them and starting to join the ecosystem, which is the main goal. Google has been slowly getting into home products with previous products including Google Chromecast and Google WiFi. Many people love these types of product and some wonder if the company can continue to expand with other home products.

These Google products use something similar to Siri and Alexa that is known as Google Assistant. Google Assistant is available almost a vast number of Android devices and numerous languages including German, Japanese and other ways of spoken English like in Australia and India.

Both Google and Amazon are both competing to gain control of the market by providing the best product at the lowest cost. This results in the true winners being consumers as they’ll be able to choose between products that are constantly getting better and cheaper.


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