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What Does “The media could not be played” Mean?

You may feel that not being able to play embedded videos in Google Chrome is not that big of a deal. You may occasionally see a message that says something such as “The media could not be played”. This is most likely because you have not had the time to look through tutorials or articles with more than 10 videos in it. It will also not be fun if you have to constantly go back to YouTube instead.

This message usually shows up when you are using Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter and videos are not being played. If you are not lazy to switch from one tab to another time every time you would like to see a video in Chrome, you are most likely not too lazy to solve the problem either. The solution to the problem is very quick and easy if you take a look at the instructions below to learn how you can get rid of this media could not be played:


  1. Navigate to the top corner and find the icon that says “Options” in the current version of Google Chrome.
  2. Choose Options and try to find the “Settings” menu in the context menu that will get larger.
  3. Go to the Settings and find the option that says “Show advanced settings”.
  4. Hit the link and find the “The beginning of time” from the drop down options that will appear.
  5. Check the top four boxed that will appear below it.
  6. Hit the option for “Clearing browser data.”
  7. Launch the browser again after closing everything.


The videos that are embedded should now be able to be played perfectly from now on and you should not see the message again. Since, you have just recently erased the cache memory that is stored in your Internet browser. This method should solve your issue with videos on Facebook not playing and videos not loading on Facebook.


Keep in Mind: A lot of the options that you had to view, they should have something to do with the passwords that are kept in your browser. If you do not want to drop them and have to log in manually to your favorite account, the box should be unchecked.

With all of this being said, you are fine to continue to watch embedded videos in Chrome when you use Twitter. Hopefully, the bug will be solved in the next update so you will not need to go through tis process again to solve the media issue of not being able to play it.


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