YouTube TV And Hulu Attempting To Compete With Sling TV

It seems like many more people are looking to cut the cord and ditch cable based on the recent report from CNBC. It says that YouTube TV has over 300,000 subscribers and Hulu’s Live TV service has over 450,000 subscribers. YouTube TV first started offering services back in April 2017 and Hulu’s Live TV started in May of 2017.

Both Google’s YouTube and Hulu are both looking to capture an audience that are wanting to switch to a more personal content offering and not wanting to pay for channels that they don’t watch. Both companies are pushing into new markets at a fast rate as they’re attempting to compete with Dish’s Sling TV with around 2 million subscribers and AT&T’s DirecTV Now with about 1 million subscribers. While streaming competitor Netflix has 17 million subscribers.


It should be noted that there’s some different between YouTube TV and Hulu’s Live TV as Hulu Live TV is available across the United States, but not always offering all four major networks. In contrast, YouTube TV is only available in markets that offer at least three of the four major networks (Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC), but most markets have all 4 major networks available.


CNBC noted that as of right now, about 80% of household in the United States have the opportunity to subscribe to YouTube TV. At this time it seems like this number is about 84 markets. The price for YouTube TV is $35 per month and you get 52 channels. You’re able to have six different users that have access to all features including things like unlimited DVR recording.


Companies like Verizon and T-Mobile are both also looking to get into this market in the future as well. Both of said they’ve already started working a platform to offer live TV in the future. This is only great news for customers as more competition not only brings more options and better quality, it also generally forces companies to either keep the price the same or reduce the prices to compete with one another. One advantage that wireless carries have that others don’t is that they could allow for unlimited mobile streaming of their content for those that have a wireless plan with them.


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