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How To Clear Cache On Honor 9/Honor 10

If you’ve bought the new Honor phone, it’s a good idea to know how to clear cache on Honor 9 and Honor 10. When you clear the cache it helps fix some software issues that you could be having with your Honor. In addition, by clearing the cache you can improve the overall performance of the Honor 9/Honor 10 to get the best results when using your device. Below we’ll be explaining how to clear cache on Honor 9 and Honor 10.



What does clear cache mean and what does it do?

Before we provide instructions on how to clear cache on Honor 9 and Honor 10, it’s a good idea to know what is cache and what happens when it’s cleared. Cache is your preferences being saved to create a better performance when using the device.

There’s two types of cache on the Honor 9 and Honor 10, one is app cache and the other is system cache. The app cache is information that is saved on the app, things like passwords, usernames and app settings are saved for a better user experience. The other type of cache is system cache, this is all other settings and preferences that are not related to individual apps.

The Android software uses the system cache. If apps keep on freezing or crushing, it is suggested to clear the system cache which should help fix the problem all together. Below we’ll explain how to clear app cache on Honor 9/Honor 10.


Clearing app cache on Honor 9 and Honor 10

If you’re having issues with an individual app that is slow, crashing, or having any other type of problem. It’s suggested that you clear the app cache by following the steps below:

  1. Turn on your Honor
  2. Go to Settings, and tap on App manager
  3. Select the app that you want to clear the cache for
  4. Browse and select on the info screen of the app and tap on clear cache


You can also clear app cache for all the apps on Honor 9 and Honor 10

  1. Turn on your Honor
  2. Open Settings and tap on Storage
  3. Select on Cached Data and tap on clear all the app caches.


Alternative method for clearing app cache

If the steps above don’t work, it’s suggested to uninstall the app that’s causing the problem and then reinstall it. Even a rebooting of the device should solve the problem.

Prior you resetting the Honor 9 or Honor 10, it’s suggested that you backup all files to prevent any loses during the rebooting process. After you’ve rebooted your smartphone, if you’re still having the problem. It’s suggested to wipe the system cache. This process is also known as wiping the cache partition of Honor 9 and Honor 10.


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