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How To Do Multi Window On Huawei P20

The Huawei P20 multi window is one convenient feature that a person who owns a Huawei P20 should know how to use. Essentially, you can simultaneously run two apps on your Huawei P20 using the multi window feature. But, first, you have to enable the feature on the settings menu of the Huawei P20 before you can utilize multi window and split screen.

You can start using some of these features after you are able to learn how to enable the multi window and split screen view we shall explain below.


Enable Multi Window Mode On Huawei P20

First, you need to follow the instructions below so as to enable the multi window feature in the settings menu:

  1. Turn your Huawei P20 on.
  2. Head to the settings menu.
  3. Find the multi window feature.
  4. Switch on the multi window toggle located on the screen’s right corner.
  5. Check the box that accompanies the open in multi window view to set by default the content in the multi window mode.


Afterward, check whether a grey half or semi-circle appears on the Huawei P20 screen as soon as the multi window mode is enabled. The half or semi-circle that is on the screen shows that the settings are enabled and the multi window mode is ready for use.

To use the feature, just take your finger and tap the semicircle to enable the multi window to come at the top. Later, drag some icons form the menu section towards the window that you need the icons to open. The outstanding feature that Huawei P20 has is the ability to do a window resize. You only need to press and hold the circle located in the screen’s middle part and place to the new location you desire.

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