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How To Fix Huawei P20 Slow WiFi Problem

Some people have attested that they have seen a slow wifi problem in their Huawei P20 . For instance, many of the pictures and icons have become gray when they take a long time to load or even fail to come up when using some apps like Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

Others say that the screen shows “Can’t reach Google at the moment” or sticks on “Recognizing…” whenever they utilize Google Now. A weak signal that makes the smartphone to fail to connect to the internet or a slow Huawei P20 Wi-Fi connection is usually the main reason.

However, when the wifi is still slow while the wifi signal is strong it can be frustrating but can be fixed. Some quick suggestions on how to fix Huawei P20 wifi problem are stated below.

The more common reason that your smartphone will have a WiFi issue can be the root of two things. The first is that the WiFI network that you’re connected to is a short distance range and you’re on the outer range for it to work fast. The other can be related to an old WiFi router that has lived it’s life and is in need for an upgrade to get up to speed with modern times. In either case, we recommend so of these great WiFi Routers on Amazon, this will absolutely fix WiFi issues with your smartphone.


How to Huawei P20 slow WiFi problems:

  • Simply, Factory Reset Huawei Huawei P20
  • “Forget” your Wifi Network and Reconnect
  • Reset the Modem/Router
  • Switch from DHCP to Static Connection on Phone
  • Switch DNS to Google’s Addresses on Phone
  • Change the Router Bandwidth Settings
  • Change the Router’s Broadcast Channel
  • Adjust the Modem/Router Security Settings and even Disable Security
  • Call your ISP and upgrade to a Higher Bandwidth/Speed


The above-stated solutions will solve the slow Huawei P20 Wi-Fi problem. When the Wi-Fi still remains slow after doing the following solutions, you can fix the Wi-Fi issue by completing a “wipe cache partition. When you carry out the “wipe cache partition” function while your Huawei is in a recovery mode, all the videos, photos and messages will remain intact as this method doesn’t erase any data from the smartphone. For more information on the procedure, kindly read the above guide on how to clear Huawei P20 phone cache.


How to fix slow Wi-Fi on Huawei P20:

  1. First, power off your Huawei P20 smartphone.
  2. Hold at the same time both the home, volume up and power off button.
  3. The Huawei P20 will vibrate once after a few seconds and start the recovery mode.
  4. Search for the wipe cache partition and start it.
  5. The process will be complete after few minutes so as to allow you restart your p9 through the reboot system now.


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